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Integrity, Ringworm, etc. to play A389 Recs bash

Official press release: Baltimore, Maryland, home of The Wire, The Orioles, A389 Records and now future site of the Apocalypse. Self billed "The Show That Ends The World," A389 is throwing their sixth anniversary bash on January 8th and 9th with a line-up that includes the most infamous of those bands known as Holy Terror and a Norse metal deity (by way of Canada). The main show on Saturday January 9th at The Sonar will feature sets by legendary artists who have had releases on the label Integrity, Ringworm, Gehenna, Starkweather, Pulling Teeth and newly signed Seraphim. A389 is run by Dom Romeo of the band Pulling Teeth and is the ultimate home for vinyl collectors who like deluxe limited pressings that look like works of art as well as real hardcore and different strains thereof. The label has helped to spread the gospel of Holy Terror, which is a strain of metal-tinged hardcore, raw, bleak and uncompromising which came to prominence in the 90's. Though not a conscious movement or uniform sound it's undeniable ground zero sprang out of Cleveland with Integrity and Ringworm. Speaking on the show Dom said "These bands are traveling far and wide to help us celebrate. Integrity has members coming from Belgium, Texas, PA and Cleveland. Gehenna has members coming from California, Arizona and Nevada. Seraphim are going to drive from Mississippi to play this show. It's going to be something really special." Mike Cheese of the infamous Gehenna also looks forward to the show adding that the end of the world will be preceded by copious amounts of alcohol and a violent bout of drug abuse. Preceding that will be Dom's annual birthday bash on Friday Jan 8th at the Talking Head Club. Always a special event, this year will feature Canadian heavy metal legend Thor with Pulling Teeth as his backing band. Thor who has been releasing metal albums since the 70's is a bit of a cult legend crossing over into lounge performances, action and sci fi movies and live shows that included bending steel bars, exploding hot water bottles and lifting very heavy objects. Speaking on his guest of honor Dom said "growing up, my friends and I loved Thor. His early records and movies were a big part of my nerdy metalhead youth, and still rule today. I think anyone who comes out to the show is in for a treat, as he is a true entertainer and awesome showman. I mean, even if you hate metal, you are definitely going to leave with a smile on your face. When I asked him if he wanted to come to Baltimore and play a show for my birthday. He was totally stoked to do it and made no outrageous demands. I can't wait." Recollecting on six years of A389 Dom is proud to "Just to put out bands that I like and think that other people should be exposed to. For every new person who hears Integrity, Ringworm or Gehenna for the first time, or every old person that hears new bands like Seraphim, Oak or The Love Below. I wanted to have a label that brings them all together." Recent releases from the label included The Promise, Ringworm's 20+ year old debut re-released on 12" including their 1991 demo, a Gluttons 7" (which is Human Furnace of Ringworm's punk hybrid side project), Integrity's To Die For 10" pressing and Seraphim's debut 7" for the label (first 250 pre-orders of Integrity and Seraphim includes a Integrity March Of The Damned 7" which will not be available anywhere else). Friday, January 8th, 2010 Dom's 33rd birthday bash featuring: Thor (Canadian heavy metal legend w/ Pulling Teeth as his backing band) + Vincent Black Shadow SONAR CLUBROOM/BALTIMORE Saturday, January 9th, 2010 A389 Records sixth anniversary bash: Integrity Ringworm Gehenna Starkweather Pulling Teeth Seraphim 7pm - all agest - $15 SONAR/BALTIMORE

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