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Shadows Fall new album update

Massachusetts-based metal band Shadows Fall has completed demo versions of their new songs, and they are currently at Planet Z studios recording their new album with producer Zeuss (God Forbid, Hatebreed). The new record, their third full-length, has tentatively been entitled "The Art Of Balance," and it will be available later this year via Century Media Records. At this point, several song titles have been announced: Stepping Outside The Circle Thoughts Without Words Mystery Of One Spirit The Art Of Balance A Fire In Babylon Idle Hands (tentative) The Idiot Box (tentative) "We fully tracked a few tunes to get an idea of where the album is heading," explains vocalist Brian Fair. "It is going to sound gigantic. We even worked on a total metal version of Pink Floyd's ‘Welcome To The Machine.’ It has all of the somber mood and atmosphere of the original but in the framework of a Shadows Fall song. The other tunes we tracked are a total basher called ‘Thoughts Without Words’ and a ballad called ‘The Art Of Balance.’ It is a ballad in the classic ‘Fade To Black’ or ‘Cemetary Gates’ style. Full on metal!!" Shadows Fall also has a new drummer, Tim Bittner, formerly of Stigmata and Crisis. According to Fair, "The addition of Jason Bittner has brought the sound of Shadows Fall to a whole new level. His power and consistency have added the full-throttle thrash metal backbone that we have always been looking for." As for their recent European tour with Kittie, Fair says: "We battled broken gas tanks, blown tires, blown fuses, blizzards, stolen gear, a street brawl in Paris, shady promoters, debilitating flu, and a shot transmission, but somehow managed to make it to every show without directions to a single one. Kittie were incredibly helpful and really hooked us up. We appreciate the opportunity they gave us to play in front of amazing audiences all throughout Europe and for all the food and beer that they kicked down to a bunch of broke ass metalheads."

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