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At All Cost announces final shows

Austin, Texas band At All Cost has announced their "final two shows ever." The group apparently never recovered from the slump they found themselves a year ago following repeated line-up issues, in addition to their dismissal from the Century Media Records roster." Here are the final shows: 12/18 Austin, TX @ Red 7 12/19 Houston, TX @ Walters


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rochesterian 8/7/2009 2:18:06 PM

first post

ludicrous_speed 8/7/2009 2:22:15 PM

fck Century Media

ed_money 8/7/2009 2:26:11 PM

Good dudes. Good luck.

SEAMAN 8/7/2009 2:26:36 PM

noke air.

scaggs 8/7/2009 2:35:46 PM

fck the haters, i"ll be there the 18th

dustybutt_ 8/7/2009 2:36:17 PM

carson doesn't love me.

panzram 8/7/2009 2:53:02 PM

this band is terrible

minusmyself 8/7/2009 2:57:58 PM

good, you cant overcome. die out like your genre

godgrinder 8/7/2009 3:10:59 PM

Did these guys break up like a year ago?

dimmu_faggor 8/7/2009 3:19:45 PM

^ can you not fcking read? fcking idiot

ChesterTheMolester 8/7/2009 4:05:22 PM

panzram 8/7/2009 2:53:02 PM this band is terrible

sgt_slghtr 8/7/2009 4:17:58 PM

saw this band once. they were cool.

Flamboyant_Cowboy 8/7/2009 5:15:00 PM

panzram 8/7/2009 2:53:02 PM this band is terrible

mongoosemayhem 8/7/2009 5:22:59 PM

I liked em

stooooopid 8/7/2009 5:30:50 PM

Slump? lol.

RUSerious 8/7/2009 9:07:16 PM

sad day. legit dudes. legit music.

roboclaw 8/7/2009 9:12:25 PM

does this mean no more shows at the white rabbit every single friday of the year?? aw

beatyourfuckingface 8/8/2009 12:46:28 AM

good band despite what any of you jerks say

alangreenspan 8/8/2009 4:17:54 AM

Good band. Best of luck to them.

renex619x 8/8/2009 5:48:32 AM

who the fck is at all cost?????

drewcifer 8/8/2009 10:43:44 AM

one of the most innovative and talented bands comprised of a group of weird awesome fckers.

porpoise 8/8/2009 12:34:05 PM

anyone want a really old at all cost hoodie?

georgewashingmachinexoxox 8/8/2009 12:53:03 PM


Rebuild 8/8/2009 2:48:14 PM

props, decent live band

cultclassic 8/8/2009 5:43:52 PM

decent band. not too surprising though.

IAMserious 8/8/2009 5:44:11 PM

sad day indeed. fun live band. only saw them once though.

xote 8/8/2009 7:50:01 PM

Thank fcking god.

TXMetal1134 8/10/2009 12:49:43 PM

Good band, it's a shame to see them go. Although, I'm not surprised

graspingtruthx 8/11/2009 4:38:48 PM

bummer/who cares about first posts... road tripping from PA to make both shows [hopefully]... these guys were some of the raddest dudes I've ever had the chance to book/hang out with.. Hopefully this isn't the end of everyone's musical endeavors.

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