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Dethklok announces new album

Official press release: Williams Street Records announced today details on the most highly-anticipated death metal album release of the year -- and it's for none other than the animated band from Adult Swim's Metalocalypse. On September 8th, the world's most brutal animated band, Dethklok, will once again reign supreme with the all-new release of Dethklok: The Dethalbum II. Featuring the band from the hit Adult Swim's series, the album features twelve full-length tracks detailing Dethklok's exploits in murder, mayhem and all things brutal. Written by series co-creator Brendon Small and recorded alongside legendary drummer Gene Hoglan, Dethklok: The Dethalbum II will be released as both a standard edition and a two-disc deluxe edition on CD and digital download beginning September 8th. Additionally, a limited edition vinyl of the album will be released in to local record shops on September 29th. The track listing for Dethklok's The Dethalbum II is as follows: 01. Bloodlines 02. The Gears 03. Burn the Earth 04. Laser Canon Deth Sentence 05. Black Fire Upon Us 06. Deth Support 07. The Cyborg Slayers 08. I Tamper with the Evidence at the Murder Site of Odin 09. Murmaider II: The Water God 10. Comet Song 11. Symmetry 12. Volcano *The Deluxe edition will include a bonus DVD with 52 minutes of never-before-released music videos featured in the 2008 Dethklok tour. Dethklok: The Dethalbum II is a follow up to Dethklok's The Dethalbum, which shattered sales records when it was released to retail in October 2007. With more than 34,000 copies in its first week, the album became the highest charting death metal album ever before going on to sell more than 300,000 copies to date. Co-created by Tommy Blacha and Small, the Metalocalypse television series follows the on and off-stage adventures of the world's most brutal band as they create a wave of mayhem, death and destruction wherever they go. Since debuting on Adult Swim in 2006, the series has become one of the network's highest-rated original series and the second season was watched by more than five million 18-34 year-old viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research. The new season of Metalocalypse will debut on Adult Swim this fall.


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ion_stasi 7/20/2009 4:28:21 PM

first post. "HATE!"

holyfuckingshit 7/20/2009 4:37:27 PM

Who gives a shit. Decent TV show spawns shitty gimmick band

cafe_disco 7/20/2009 4:57:12 PM

eleventeen year olds are pumped every where.

BruceWayne 7/20/2009 5:27:48 PM


imalright 7/20/2009 5:33:56 PM

dethklok is good in the same way graf orlock is good, except less so. WILL download

Omegaman 7/20/2009 5:59:39 PM

lol, actually enjoyed the first record, a little, in the same way that Girls Who Run was enjoyable.

uniden 7/20/2009 7:04:10 PM

still better than despised icon

chicken_gang_bang 7/20/2009 7:24:19 PM

lol at this being news

seventwofour 7/20/2009 7:45:01 PM

why the fck is this news?

xenosapien 7/20/2009 8:21:48 PM

Bunch of haters, this show is hilarious.

hotaction 7/20/2009 8:33:17 PM

bunch of whinny hipsters. not only is the show awesome but the last album was better than must metal releases from last year. its a joke band douschebags. ya know? fun?

t1m_t1m 7/20/2009 8:56:13 PM

these idiots don't know snakes from dildos

royalpain 7/20/2009 11:27:02 PM

fck this post

denbez 7/20/2009 11:51:17 PM

good show awful band

xgambloatx 7/21/2009 1:15:33 AM

I enjoy this show, music is equally as humorous. I always enjoy some good satire.

cultclassic 7/21/2009 2:32:47 AM

GAY AS fck

rickrock 7/21/2009 9:03:47 AM


rapesucks 7/21/2009 10:40:15 AM

no care. fck the show, fck the band. this is lambgoat: noe fun evar.

yomama 7/21/2009 10:49:46 AM

the david lee roth clown was hilarious. free ballin!

yomama 7/21/2009 10:52:03 AM

c.d.s are kind of a bad idea. but a tour? that almost ruins the whole thing. stop....

petite_feet 7/21/2009 11:51:38 AM

if they hired aeon to make music for this show it would be 50x funnier

brains_ 7/21/2009 1:18:41 PM

you'd really be in trouble if you didn't know snakes from dildos

watchthesky 7/21/2009 6:34:46 PM

Im going to stab myself until september 29th

godgrinder 7/21/2009 6:51:34 PM

Dethklok are gayy scene gayoots who like to gay fck other scene gays in their gay butt-fcking-gay-holes. Fact.

wrath_of_flatulates 7/21/2009 6:57:49 PM

ha wow, people can be so ignorant sometimes.

hyperblast 7/22/2009 10:29:35 AM

Cartoon band becomes highest selling metal venture in history. What the fck is the world coming to.

Sartre 7/22/2009 12:35:13 PM

a 'joke' band is the highest charting death metal album ever lawl

badaxe 7/22/2009 3:00:36 PM

Go figure, this place is inundated with shit news from shit bands day in and day out and now, finally, here's some news that's worth getting excited about and you fairweather fcks rip on it.

slutsgarglemuhnuts 7/24/2009 2:21:17 PM

ahhahahahahahahahahaha world flip

fuck_off 7/24/2009 3:31:16 PM

i just killed myself

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