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Dead Truth Recordings signs Forty Winters

Dead Truth Recordings has officially signed South Florida metal/hardcore band Forty Winters. The group self-released an EP last year which DTR will release. A new full-length is also being written. Here's a statement from the label: "We are proud to announce our first (and hopefully only) metal/hardcore band, south Florida's very own, Forty Winters, to our brood. The band has spent the last couple years perfecting their sound, destroying audiences all over Florida and soon your city. With a sound somewhere between Buried Alive, Cannibal Corpse, The Acacia Strain and Darkest Hour, 40 is ready to step up with todays heavy hitters of the genre and create their own unique niche. Switfly blasting through truely dynamic songs, mixed with massive breaks and thought provoking, humorous lyrics, signature their brand of brutal heavy hardcore, setting 40W apart from their contemporaries and will soon put them on the map as kings of the genre.The main reason we had an interest in 40 is their work ethic, in true DIY fashion, and always with smiles on their faces and good attitudes. We want to work with bands that put in as much as we do, that work hard to be where they want to be, and push to the next level. 40 is definitely one of those bands. We are very excited to work with them, and can't wait to see what they come up with." You can check out some of their material online here.

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