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Demiricous news and notes

Indianapolis metal band Demiricous has issued a substantive update, including details regarding recent line-up changes and their departure from Metal Blade Records: "Last year we had to sell our van and trailer cuz of a crucial management fuck up/miscommunication... therefore disabling our touring. The money we got from that went directly to merch companies, booking agents, this guy and that guy. Basically leaving us close to broke with no way to tour. We fired that manager. "Then Scott Wilson decided to leave the band to pursue a life without eating shit. Good move, he's doing fucking great! Love ya man! "Then Metal Blade and us decided to part ways. No hard feelings... nobody fucked anybody over or any of that stupid shit. We just were simply not able to fulfill any expectations. Honestly, weight off our shoulders. "Long story short, we've held it together with two new guitar players (yes, three total, cuz fuck it) who have stepped up to eat shit with us! They are Scott Broner and Mike Morgan, two TRUE guitar nerds who talk about gear and riffs in a language I've never heard, so you know it's good. "We've been crafting new songs the past few months and we've never been more fucked up with what we're writing. The drugs and bad luck are working. We plan on doing a few demos by the summertime that will sound like shit cuz money is as cool as Jesus. For all of you still interested, we are pushing our own tide on this new shit and shitting our coffins."

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