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Thy Will Be Done completes new album

Thy Will Be Done has completed the recording of their next album, titled "In Ancient Of Days" and tentatively slated for spring release via Stillborn Records. Like its predecessor, the effort was produced, engineered, and mixed by Zeuss (Shadows Fall) at Planet Z Recording in Hadley, MA with Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed serving as executive producer. The band elaborates: "Collectively we feel that we've just written music that we'd like to hear ourselves and we think some others will dig it; we were just eager to add fresh material and ideas to our repertoire. One thing we hope is (that) no matter where the listener is; wherever they are on their path of life — (that) there's going to be so many layers to the lyrics and music for everyone to gain something from. When making music, that's the main purpose. We're hoping that people will turn on that music and get inspiration. "...And as promised, this album will be the most radio-friendly, cookie-cutter, chock full o' the same clean crooning chorus in every song, that from the first note you'll be sure to scream, 'SELL OUTS!' Afterall, we've decided to merge Rapcore and Funk Polka to make our sound. It proves to be the 'Easy Listening Favorite of 2009.' Oh yeah, and we've got 9 breakdowns in every song and we've managed to add 14 'Bass Drops' to each one of those tunes! "In all honesty, I will tell you this: Long Live The Riff! We'll have more information and will be posting new material soon. Be well and thanks again to everyone who has been supporting us and to all our new friends and family."

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