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Bury Your Dead set to record new album

Bury Your Dead will enter the studio next month to begin recording their next album for Victory Records. Here's an update from guitar player Brendan "Slim" MacDonald: "So we have been busier than hell the last 4 months since that time we decided to flip our van into a ditch and go on tour a week later. Anyways, we are finishing up writing for our next Victory release as we speak. To be honest, this record has been a long time coming we have been on the label for 5 years released 4 records and this is it. "I say it every time we go into the studio: "this is the best thing ever that we have ever written ever and it's meaningful because and ever and stuff," but let's be honest; this year for us hasn't been anything short of a shitty coin toss. Between the awesome tours and heading overseas twice there were a fair amount of remedial bullshit to have to get over, and I promise you will hear about most of it some how or another on the record. "In between writing riffs I have been spending the majority of my time using a chainsaw to kill things that want to get in my grill area in gears of war 2. I mean, what a better way to be brootal than chainsawing someone in the face a lot. Ok, there's a few things but thats all I've got. It's winter and it's cold out. "This record has it all. You will be able to circle pit in your bedroom and makeout with your girlfriend/boyfriend to it! Best of both worlds, I know. I mean, if you're into that kind of thing than you'll like it I guess. "We start recording in a few weeks, so heads up for a lot more coming from us on here in the coming weeks boys and girls."

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