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Mithras announces new frontman

Mithras has announced the addition of Sam Bean (The Senseless, ex-The Berzerker) on vocals and bass. According to the group, "Sam was the only person asked to audition for the spot and dominated the tracks chosen for the audition with his brutal vocal delivery and deft basswork." Founder/guitarist Leon Macey commented: "Since joining Sam in his band The Senseless back in 2007 (as drummer) we've been working together closely on the new The Senseless record 'The Floating World', so I know we gel extremely well musically and have a similar attitude and vision. This combined with the huge amount of band/live/industry experience he has from all the work he's done with The Berzerker makes him the perfect guy to take the role and help lift Mithras to the next level. We're going to get gig ready asap then simultaneously start slaying audiences while working some more on the new Mithras record." Bean commented: "I'm a long-time Mithras fan, so this is pretty sweet. I've always seen Mithras as being one of the top UK death metal bands and have listened to them often, wondering how amazing the material would sound live. Looks like I get to find out now! Rayner's shoes are big ones to fill - figuratively, literally, - and I hope to do justice to his great work. It's also good to be working with Leon and Ben, two powerhouse dudes who share the same taste in brutal, freaky, evil music. I want to get out onto stage, throw down, and bring in a new era for the band and death metal in general. This year, we're going to rock you." Sam continued "The audition was great, third song in I blew up the bass cab. I take this as an auspicious sign."

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