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Oceano dismisses guitar player

Chicago, Illinois' Oceano (Earache Records) has parted ways with guitar player and original member, Jeremy. Frontman Adam has released the following statement: "Within our past few tours tension had seemingly grew above that of a typical level for a band touring the country cramped in a van. Over the past months certain members of the band we're begining to really 'butt heads' and clash with Jeremy on a personality level, to a point where tour was almost becoming more of a burden to deal with the stress levels and having to diffuse each others frustrations from this. Things apparantly increased to the point of taking such action. Atop that, it was felt that coming from a professional level he did not represent the band well at times when it counted most. "There has been so much pented up frustration between parties of this band over this situation that at one point, we we're almost on the verge of a few members leaving the band completely if the situation wasn't fixed. Watching the complexity of the situation unfold, we were essentially put in a very shitty situation; Either allow the majority of members leave because of their frustration, and subsequently, there be no more Oceano OR lose ONE member, thus kicking out the one who kept this band alive for so long, yet who was the one most people in the band were dissatisfied with. "We clearly couldn't have the MAJORITY of this band disappear and essentially the band die with a full-length out in 2 months and 2 tours all set to go, so obviously in the end we made the hard decision of parting ways with Jeremy. Hopefully many of you can see and understand we had a really fucked up situation on our hands either way it was handled. "We are BEYOND tired of 'lineup changes' and through it all we've fought to make sure this band continues on, and that we will continue to have the opportunity to tour and play our music for all of you, as so did Jeremy, but for what was felt to be the better decision to do so, we had to part ways with the only 'original' member left of this band. "Rumors, Shit talk from 'friends,' and everything else aside though, we have nothing against him for what has transpired and the choice we did make was not done out of anger or agression towards him, but merely in the best interest of keeping this band and its core lineup in-tact. Hopefully there is at least an understanding in that. "With that said, for the time being we shall continue on as a 4-peice and we shall not be slowing down Whatsoever. Our only minor misstep is that being our search to purchase a new van and trailer. But that should be figured out shortly and we shall be ready and on the road for our next tour's with Liferuiner and Through the Fire (Jan/Feb) and then our tour with Too Pure To Die and Catalepsy (Jan/feb). "Thanks for taking and/or wasting your time reading this, and see you on the road soon."

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