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Despised Icon replaces guitarist

Despised Icon has apparently found a replacement for departed guitar player Al Glassman, who recently joined Job For A Cowboy. Taking Glassman's place is guitarist Benoit Landreville, who in turn has amicably parted ways with The Plasmarifle.


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thedrone 1/6/2009 7:51:25 AM

good for them ,, great guys

triplesoul 1/6/2009 7:53:42 AM

code_black 1/6/2009 8:26:04 AM

bad move on Al's part, JFAC fcking suck.

cherith_cutestory 1/6/2009 8:55:15 AM

Benoit Landreville sounds like a made up name.

xdatx 1/6/2009 11:21:55 AM

He will leave JFAC in 2 months.

xBEARFIGHTx 1/6/2009 11:56:45 AM

fck The Plasmarifle's good though. Why can't they go back to Boston and find another guitarist like they found AL??

rabedown 1/6/2009 12:07:16 PM

endless line of bands losing guitarists and gaining other band's guitarists

xSUNEATERx 1/6/2009 12:13:19 PM

despised icon kicks the shit out of jfac. good for them, too bad for the plasmarifle

ImRightYoureWrong 1/6/2009 12:37:31 PM

it would have been phat if they picked up bruce kulick

zukkahmahdeek00 1/6/2009 12:53:32 PM

revolving door of guitarists FTL

hacksawtothegoat 1/6/2009 1:02:27 PM

Kinda funny seeing as how DI ad The Plasmarifle are touring the states together right now...

chicken_gang_bang 1/6/2009 2:39:06 PM

you don't say?

brains_ 1/6/2009 3:37:51 PM

bands are so incestuous

upsidedown_cross 1/6/2009 5:51:17 PM

Hm. I can't say if this is good or not.

chas 1/6/2009 6:42:29 PM

(the)PLASMARIFLE* . . .

mistergrimes 1/6/2009 7:21:15 PM

Damn. That's quite an interesting switch-up. However, I do wish AG didn't leave DI. They're on a steady road of improvement.

rochesterian 1/6/2009 9:07:57 PM

More like Jgay.

lazarus 1/6/2009 9:26:07 PM

Hes prolly going to take over the writing for JFACs new stuff so it wont be total shit.

weRmoarmetalNow0 1/6/2009 10:21:36 PM

i hear Despised wanted to be more metal

EmmureGroupie 1/7/2009 2:01:33 AM

WeRMoarMetalNow0 is right. Just like See You Next Tuesday.

ABC44 1/7/2009 11:06:05 AM

I hope he is as good as the other guitarist, they were great live with him.

afkingtragedy 1/7/2009 5:01:15 PM

jgay is a decent metal band. what's up with all the hating? obviously Al Glassman knows better than you gays

thrasherjohn 1/7/2009 8:21:18 PM

thats good hopefully he'll help them blow evev harder

bloodhammer 1/8/2009 8:29:38 PM

DI is amazing just hope there sound doesn't change to much

bloodhammer 1/8/2009 8:29:42 PM

DI is amazing just hope there sound doesn't change to much

MrRufflove 1/10/2009 3:16:08 PM

I can guarantee all of you were sucking JFAC's dck 1 or 2 years ago. But now because they've gained a lot of fans and notoriety you wanna dog them. Grow up gays. DI and JFAC are awesome bands. I hope you guys all flip your parents van.

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