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Remembering Never news and notes

It's been a long time since we've heard anything about Floridian hardcore/metal outfit Remembering Never. We weren't even sure if they were still together. Consequently, we figured it was time to actually ask them about their situation. Frontman Peter Kowalsky (aka Mean Pete) was kind enough to provide us with an extensive update. Here you go: "The RN camp as of late is in the beginning stages of blueprinting and kicking around ideas for whatever will be our new record, This Hell Is Home. Lambgoat took time out of their schedule to inquire about the late and not so great happenings. "RN kind of imploded after our last tour with The Warriors and Full Blown Chaos that started when our long time drummer quit. When Danny left, we had a few fill-ins and just overall morale flew south, more so than ever. Touring 5 years non-stop with the same people will no doubt eventually turn into a very volatile situation, especially when one or more people suffer from depression and/or bi-polar disorders. Being in the band started feeling more like a business than a bunch of friends having fun. For the longest time I didn't even want to think of anything related to RN due to the mental strain it put me through. The stone cold truth of the matter is, because of the band, most of us were no longer friends, and it felt more like a chore than an opportunity to play shows in front of people that cared enough to come to the show and hang and have fun. For me, it's more important to be friends with the people that you put time and effort in with to write jams and tour with. There was a time we were more excited to go to random mall and steal everything in sight than to play the show later that day. Or for me and Aldo's case, we just wanted to go to used record stores and buy/trade as much awesome cheap shit we could. Actually, that part was great. "Anyhow, now up to speed as to who, what, when, where, why and how... The current RN line up to date is me (Peter), Danny (again), Aldo (when he moves back to FL), Alex Leon (of Target Nevada/All Hell Breaks Loose/Dead Weight/Dancefloor Justice/IdolxMinds/Kill The Script fame) as well as an undisclosed 5th member. Norm lost his love for this kind of music and wanted to pursue other things. I haven't spoken to him in almost 2 years, but I heard he's living in Orlando, and I wish the best for him. Anthony (Grease) apparently from what I understand for the last few months RN was active, was trying to get into the other dudes brains and trying to convince them I was stealing money and hated everyone and what have you. The final straw came when I found out about an incident where he couldn't keep his cock in his pants one too many times. I was used to him skeeving random broads in the van in questionable amount of cities in America being his first priority (even a double blowjob from 2 strippers, one being 250lbs and the other 95lbs with a 6-month-after-halloween-jack-o-latern face, in a room full of people) but this one hit a little too close to home. He contributed close to nothing music-wise early on in RN's history, and not at all after She Looks... I have not spoken to him since I forwarded pictures of his cock, that he sent a girl in California that sent them to me somehow (try to keep up), to his fiance. He was supposed to call me to explain the logistics of what happened and why, but I've been waiting on this phone call for about 2 years now. "Me and Danny (the duo who wrote most, if not all but RN's latest offering) live pretty far from each other so it's hard to get together, but when I get back from traveling we will be putting some hard time into writing this thing. Myself and Danny have not played/written music together in probably close to 5 years and for about 5 years before that, it's all we did. We are very excited to write together again, so IT WILL HAPPEN. Since it has been that long, I'm sure it will sound considerably different, especially since there will be new people contributing this time around. Every record we've put out significantly differs from the last, so it's expected. We're shooting for a late '09 release, but updates will be up as we know them. My favorite records we've done were GSU and SMWTY. 1st and last. Weird. "RN, at one point, was my whole life, and I feel truly blessed(?) with the small amount of success we stumbled upon, the people we've met, and the trials we/I have faced. Thank you to all who care about us and have waited this long for a word or a musical note from us. It means a lot. And thank you to Lambgoat for thinking about us to ask for an update. Maybe they just get a kick out of all that vegan/straight edge/ fat/ death/ no care ever jokes that will ensue below. I honestly can't wait. Sorry this was way too long. I rant... some things never change."

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