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Mithras parts ways with singer/bassist

Mithras singer/bassist Rayner Coss has announced his departure from the band via the following statement: "I have some sad news for all our Mithras fans; the ZT Xmas bash on the 14th of December will be my last show with Mithras as I am leaving the band. I realise this may come as somewhat sudden news, but I have found myself increasingly unable to commit as much time to Mithras as a) I could like and b) it really requires of me. The result is that I'm holding the band back and putting increasing pressure on Leon and his own busy lifestyle, which has never been something I wanted to do as a band member or as a friend. I find myself with increasing commitments and responsibilities in my life which at this point in time could do with my full attention. "This isn't to say I'm just going to disappear into the void, I'm still a massive fan of the band and will support it in all its pursuits and I'll still be around on the board and Myspace. I have had a fantastic time writing, recording and rehearsing all the albums and music that has been written so far, it's been a huge part of my life that I have really enjoyed and am very proud of all we've accomplished. "I urge everyone to get down to London and see Mithras on the 14th of December, it may be the last chance and is looking to be a great gig all round. I would just like to thank all the fans and bands and 'zines that have supported Mithras thus far, its been an honour."

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