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Satyricon signs with Koch Records

Official press release: Highly influential extreme metal band Satyricon has signed a North American recording deal with KOCH Records. The revered Norwegian outfit will release its seventh studio album, The Age of Nero, on January 13, 2009. From the time of its formation in 1990, Satyricon has consistently created dark, compelling music wrought with blackened melodies and Scandinavian occult themes. Beginning with the release of the band's debut – 1993's Dark Medieval Times – Satyricon has scorned trends and abhorred tried and tested genre stereotypes, always putting its music first, often times as both a surprise and challenge to the listener. Largely written in a remote cabin in the Norwegian mountains by headman Satyr, The Age of Nero features eight of the most ashen, yet fascinating songs in Satyricon's critically acclaimed history. From the unstoppable urgency that drips from the roll out cut 'Black Crow On A Tombstone' to the epic frenzy of 'Die By My Hand' and through to the bleak nihilism of album closer 'Den Siste', The Age of Nero dispatches both rocking blackness and a chilling sonic intensity. Recorded in Los Angeles' Sound City Studios (Metallica, Slayer) with Satyr acting as producer and “Evil" Joe Baresi (Tool, Saviours) twisting the knobs, The Age of Nero is a brazen tour de force. In a notable departure from the band's previous way of working, the guitars have been seriously downtuned, adding to the raw power of the record's sound. Drummer Frost's cyclonic percussion defines the austere atmosphere of the album as much as Satyr's pronounced guitar work. The Age of Nero album art has been posted online and can be viewed at this location. When asked to comment on The Age of Nero, Satyr stated, "Everything that we do in Satyricon is built around the music itself. That means that our artwork and visuals are chosen or created to function well with the music – either to emphasize elements in the music or to contribute to a sense of totality. The layout for “The Age of Nero" is truly a fine piece of art; everything from the pictures chosen to the fonts and colors of the letters are carefully picked in order to feel right for this album and its general atmosphere. The album title has multiple references to subjects that on some level pertain to the album itself; ‘Nero' is a metaphor for darkness but also for destructive elements in mankind that threaten to bring down an empire. The ‘Age of Nero' refers to Satyricon as that famous piece of literature depicts scenes from Nero's Rome, but it also refers to our own time and the threat of downfall that is again mirrored in the apocalyptic feel of our music. It all neatly comes together." The final track listing for The Age of Nero is as follows: 1. Commando 2. The Wolfpack 3. Black Crow on a Tombstone 4. Die By My Hand 5. My Skin is Cold 6. The Sign of the Trident 7. Last Man Standing 8. Den Siste The brand new music video for the song “Black Crow on a Tombstone" has been posted online and is available for viewing now at this location. Additionally, Satyricon graced the cover of the November 1, 2008 issue of the UK's Kerrang!. Check out the magazine cover at this location. Satyricon will launch a North American tour in support of The Age of Nero beginning January 15 in Sayreville, NJ. The band will hit the road alongside Cradle of Filth for a 33 city trek that is scheduled to run through February 28 in Philadelphia, PA.

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