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Kataklysm prepares to shoot new video

Official press release: Quebec's very own destructive metal force, Kataklysm, are preparing to shoot a second video clip from their crushing latest album titled "Prevail." The clip will feature the track "Blood in Heaven" and will be directed by renowned Canadian director Max Hebert. Singer Maurizio Iacono explains the band's song choice and the entire filming process: "A while back ago we made the decision to have the title track 'Prevail' be the next video clip. After carefully thinking it over, we have now decided to go with our original plan and shoot the video for 'Blood in Heaven.' Lots of fans have been asking us to do a clip for that song so we decided, 'why not, it's all about the fans anyways!' Besides, 'Prevail' is already a massive live song and doesn't need any more of a push. There are other gems on this album that we want to introduce so here it goes! "We wanted to do something cool with this one so we're hiring someone that will be filming us on the upcoming tour everywhere we go. We want you guys, the fans, to be in the video so come hang out at the shows; the camera will be rolling everyday! We will be incorporating some live Kataklysmic action as well. "The live shots will be from the band's hometown and final gig of the tour in Montreal, Canada. There will be a huge crew in place to film with five different cameras in all angles. We want to see all you sick motherfuckers going off! This will also be a special gig because we will only play 'Blood in Heaven' at this show on the tour."

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