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Pelican news and notes

Pelican has issued a very thorough update, including information on upcoming splits with These Arms Are Snakes, Young Widows, and Suicide Note. Here you go: "So, folks, it has been quite awhile since a proper update on what's going on. We've been mostly taking Summer off, which is why there's been little to report. But we are revving into full gear for the Fall, so it's time to let you in on what's up our collective sleeves. "First up to deck is our upcoming European tour with our trusted and talented labelmates Torche. Their new record 'Meanderthal' has been the soundtrack for the summer, and if their opening stint for Boris in Chicago was any indication folks had better ready to be pummeled with a combination of melody and pure heaviness. The tour begins September 12th and runs through October 12th. We will be hitting tons of places we've been before, but also a bunch of places we haven't. See our upcoming shows sections for more info. "Coinciding with that tour will be some new merch goodies. Can anyone say limited edition split 10" with These Arms Are Snakes? After our collaboration with them on last Fall's 'Pink Mammoth' came too late to make it to the 10" single version (it was later released on the 3" CD that came with our 'After the Ceiling Cracked' DVD) we decided it would be fun to give it its own vinyl release backed with us contributing to one of TAAS's songs. They rerecorded their jam 'Diggers of Ditches' then graciously let us lend our sounds to the mix. It is a force to be reckoned with. Hydrahead will be releasing a limited edition of 3000 10"s and a far more limited CD version as well - this tour will be people's first opportunity to see and/or purchase. "Also, as previously announced, we will have copies of The Fire In Our Throats on double LP, in a repressed edition courtesy of our friends at Viva Hate Records. This edition is housed in a metallic gold cover as opposed to the original silver packaging and is limited to 1000 copies. Again, this tour will be the first chance to grab copies outside of the preorder copies that I believe are shipping soonish. "On return from the land across the pond there is a tour in the works for the Eastern coats of this United States of A. It will coincide with the presidential election, so expect a spoken word set from us of no less than an hour and a half a night about the issues of the day. Or expect us to play our songs, which is actually more likely. Shows are not 100% confirmed yet, so please keep your eyes peeled on our upcoming shows section as they will be posted as soon as they are confirmed. The aforementioned merch will also show its face on this coming tour. Lineup is already in place and will be announced once we have confirmation. "When I said that we took the summer off, well, I kind of lied. We did get together to work on new material - including a song called 'Inch Above Sand' which we recorded for an upcoming split 7" with Young Widows which will be released in early '09 on Temporary Residence. The song marks the first instrument swap in the history of the band as Bryan slings guitar riffs and Trevor lays down the bass. The whole thing was documented by our new buddy Teppei Teranishi of Thrice who lent his considerable recording talents and use of studio and gear. Thanks so much! The song and some other new ones that we worked out will be making its way into our sets on the next couple of tours so you can all get a feel for it. "Actually the song already made its live debut in Chicago a couple of weeks ago at our last minute show at the Subterranean. Those of you who came out, thank you so much. The show was put on by Rhapsody, an interesting online music store that comes to you by way of the folks at MTV. They recorded our set and will sometime in the near future be offering an exclusive live video for free on their site. We will let you know when this goes up. "But I would be remiss if I were to tell you that this was the only video recording going on in our Summer as we spent a couple of days with our buddy Kenneth in sunny Los Angeles shooting the music video for 'Lost in the Headlights. In the video the would-be singer-stalker from the 'Dead Between the Walls' continues to stalk us as we rock an enchanted forest and a deserted rooftop in the Garment District. Be prepared to be thrilled, chilled, and ROCKED! The video premier should be sometime soon. We will keep you in the proverbial loop. "What else? Besides finishing the writing for our next full length (expect it sometime in '09) we're also working on a collaborative split 7" with Suicide Note and a variety of other zany ideas that you will have to be patient to find out about."

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