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Bleeding Through, Trustkill Recs mend fences

Bleeding Through has issued an update regarding their relationship with Trustkill Records, whom they had accused of withholding money for their recording budget, etc. in June. Here's a statement from the band: "We wanted to send a note of appreciation and gratitude to all of you for your messages of support, solidarity and sincere empathy as we struggled through the making of our new album, Declaration, a process we detailed publicly back in the beginning of June. "The outpouring of concern and interest from our ardent fans VERY MUCH helped us through what was a difficult time on the business side of Bleeding Through. "We felt that you deserved to know what was happening then and similarly, we feel that we owe you an explanation as to what is happening right now. Since the time we posted that blog with MTV2's Headbangers Blog, Trustkill Records delivered the funds necessary to complete the album and to compensate everyone who had loaned us cash. Therefore, since that time, we have moved forward with the label in a spirit of cooperation to ensure that Declaration gets the best release possible to you guys. "That includes a press campaign with interviews all over the place, various promotions, some sale pricing at different retailers, a video for 'Death Anxiety' (which we are scheduled to shoot this month), a licensing deal between Trustkill and Nuclear Blast for the European release of the album, and more. We are very happy to have arrived at this place where the album has a street date and where you can all go out and get it. "Declaration, of all of the albums in our catalog, is the one that makes us feel the most proud. We can't wait for it to hit stores next month so you can all go out and pick up a copy. With all of your support of this band, it's like you all own a little piece of Declaration already."

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