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Arsis announces new drummer

Arsis has officially announced the addition of yet another drummer. Now joining the group is Shawn Priest of Idaho. Here's a statement from the band: "Our new drummer is Shawn Priest from Idaho. All the best drummers are coming outta nowhere from the Midwest! We screened him through his video on YouTube, and when we hooked up, he learned 'We Are The Nightmare' in a day and a half. We're really excited about this. We're gonna have new drum parts in our songs off the new album. It's gonna be way thrashier, more in-your-face. 'Servants To The Night' has been added to the set list because of Shawn. We'd like to keep him on as full-time, so we'll see how he does on this tour. His flight to New York got delayed and he had to sleep in the airport, but he took it like a champ, so he'll fit right in, putting up with a bunch of bullshit right from the start! [laughter] We'll see if we can get him to drink boxed wine."

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