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Relapse Records signs Mumakil

Official press release: Relapse Records is proud to announce the signing of Geneva, Switzerland's Mumakil. Mumakil are currently writing the follow-up album to their debut full-length "Customized Warfare." Mumakil's Sebastien Schacher says of the signing and new album; "We're all really excited here since the signature with Relapse Records. This means a lot of work for us. We are really motivated in recording the most brutal grind CD we're able to. We'll start the recording in the end of August/early-September 2008, in Geneva, and will work full-time on it. Our guitarist (Jerome Pellegrini) will carry about all the recording and mixing, and we'll do the mastering in Sweden, at Cutting Room studios." Mumakil also have a number of shows lined up including a performance at the 'Grind The Nazi Scum' Festival in Torgau, Germany this weekend. In addition to "Customized Warfare," Mumakil has also released a number of split releases including a split with now label-mates Misery Index, a split with Inhume that was released as part of the Relapse Records Slimewave Series, and an upcoming split with Blockheads coming via Bones Brigade. Audio samples taken from these releases and more can be heard now via the band's MySpace.


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evil_hero 7/23/2008 5:00:40 PM

wow thats completely pointless to know

thisheartscoma 7/23/2008 5:02:15 PM


virus_dot_exe 7/23/2008 5:04:22 PM

first first post

meanmuggin 7/23/2008 5:17:38 PM

band rules. for sure

ofgo 7/23/2008 5:29:38 PM

killer band

haloxxxmoshcore 7/23/2008 5:41:04 PM

get the fck off lambgoat - eat shit webbie

caseyfuckingjones 7/23/2008 6:14:24 PM

these boys are down to fck

caseyfuckingjones 7/23/2008 6:15:55 PM

grind the nazi scum fest...haha, sounds like a good time

municipalgayste 7/23/2008 7:12:14 PM

really fcking great band.

666pack 7/23/2008 9:26:02 PM

Now they'll tour the US, yipeeeee!

ShaolinLambKiller 7/23/2008 10:45:49 PM

I've been trying to get their first full length for awhile

xBILLfromsteinx 7/23/2008 11:23:03 PM


faggotland 7/24/2008 2:20:26 AM

this band fcking rules

thugcore 7/24/2008 2:54:57 AM

holy shit. relapse signed another grind band who will sell 3 shirts and a cd the whole time they are on tour. just like the rest of the shit bands they sign.

Evilf22 7/24/2008 11:17:18 AM

mumakil makes me want throw puppies against a brick wall.

deadBEATdad 7/24/2008 3:29:22 PM

finally this band gets some recognition

nashvegas 7/24/2008 10:05:40 PM

reminds me of phobia. I like.

municipalgayste 7/27/2008 1:25:35 PM

solid fckin band

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