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Roadrunner Records signs Port Amoral

Official press release: Roadrunner Records is proud to announce the signing of Winnipeg, Canada's melodic metal band Port Amoral. The group formed in 2004 and is comprised of a brother team of Jared Weiss (vocals/bass), and Eric Weiss (guitar), as well as Andrew Campbell (guitar), and Matthew Hallick (drums). Port Amoral was signed by longtime Roadrunner A&R man Monte Conner, finder of landmark metal bands like Sepultura, Slipknot, Machine Head, Fear Factory and Trivium. Conner's interest was initially sparked after hearing demos produced by Canada's John Paul Peters (Comeback Kid, Waking Eyes) and taking in the energetic live show that Port Amoral has come to be known for. But what sealed the deal and made Conner and the label brass realize Port Amoral was ready for Roadrunner was the demo recording of the band's newest song - "Villains." This four and a half minute mini-epic is a testament to the bands ever growing maturity and the ability to make complexity and simplicity work in perfect harmony. To stream the demo of "Villains," visit Says Conner: "What is striking about "Villains" is that the song starts with an amazing and catchy section that could be a song in and of itself. Yet they abandon it a little over a minute in and change gears into a whole different song, with the intro being briefly reprised at the end. Port Amoral are very smart about how they arrange and structure their songs and it is a progressive element such as this that keeps you on your toes and shows their writing prowess and maturity. And let's not forget about Eric Weiss' guitar heroics! "We could not be more excited about joining Roadrunner Records," says Jared Weiss. "A label that has always focused on metal and the hard music that we pride ourselves on. It's been a long and hard journey to get to this point, but we're ready as ever and humbled by the process of signing such an important record deal with a true A&R legend in Monte Conner. We cannot wait to record our first album which we promise will be a metal record like none other." Port Amoral is managed by Trinity Management Group and will record their debut Roadrunner album this fall with Colin Richardson (As I Lay Dying) for a Winter 2009 release.

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