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Soul Control replaces singer

Rhode Island hardcore band Soul Control has announced the recent departure of vocalist Matt Amore. He has subsequently been replaced by Rory VanGrol of Achilles. Here's a statement from the band: "On April 2nd Matt Amore informed us he was quitting Soul Control. His reasons are personal and we will not go into detail here, that is up to him explain publicly if he so desires. There were a lot of mixed emotions to say the least and we've all handled it differently as individuals. The one thing we will express on Matt's behalf is that it was his wish that Soul Control continued. After about two weeks of serious thought, serious talk and serious emotion, the three remaining members agreed that we did want to continue. While it is Matt's time to depart, it is not Soul Control's time to stop. With an entire new album written musically and 3 tours booked for this summer, we are not ready to just "throw it all away." So we're not going to. As a band and as friends we wish Matt the best in life and we know he wishes the same for us. We know this because we are friends and will remain so. "That all being said, after an emotional month, we are a complete band again. Rory VanGrol is now an official member of Soul Control. Some of you may know Rory from his work with the bands How We Are and Achilles. After hanging with him and practicing with him, the choice was a swift one. Things are already moving quickly and you'll be hearing things soon."

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