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Throwdown no longer under contract w/ Trustkill

During a recent interview with MetalSucks, Throwdown guitarist Mark Choiniere has effectively stated that the band has fulfilled their contractual obligations to Trustkill Records. Here's an excerpt from the interview: "This was your last album for Trustkill, right? Mark Choiniere: Right. And I know Dave [Peters] has made some very public anti-record company remarks, do you guys feel like you're done with the industry? Mark Choiniere: No, I don't think so. I think Dave was merely speaking from personal... it was definitely more him. I mean, the band definitely backs him, but just from personal experiences... not necessarily bashing record companies in general, which I know it sounded like." Do you feel like you had a negative experience with Trustkill? Mark Choiniere: I mean, I don't like to talk shit, but... I just think things could have gone better. Just from touring with other bands and hearing how their record label helped them be the band that they are... it's just kinda like, we could only imagine what it would be like to be on a label that really pushes you. That's all I can say, I guess."

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