NewsMarch 14, 2008 5:26 PM ET4,351 views

Into The Moat prepares new album

Florida's Into The Moat is currently finishing up the writing process for their next full-length. Guitarist Kit Wray has issued the following update: "The new album is coming along very well. The songs are just about finished up. And we are going to try to get some shows going before we hit the studio (nothing as of yet though). Sadly our recording date has been pushed back to June 14th, but all this extra time to add finishing touches will make for an amazing record. In other news we are in the process of re-mixing/mastering the EP. Thats right boys and girls, 'Means by Which the End is Justified' is being re-releaesed on Metal Blade Records. We have not come up with a release date yet but we plan to have it out before the full-length. As soon as it sounds brutal, it will be released. Hope this tides you all over until we grace you with our digital presence again."

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