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Set Your Goals prepares new DVD

Set Your Goals has issued an update regarding two DVDs projects. Here you go: "As most of you know, we had an original DVD edited back in the fall and winter of 2006. This DVD, titled 'Work In Progress,' compiled great documentary style band footage from that entire 2006 year and it was, what we felt to be, a perfect representation of each member of Set Your Goals. But due to a high amount of copyrighted song material we used to edit our footage to, our attorney and label both advised us against releasing the DVD. So ironically enough, 'Work In Progress' is indeed a work-in-progress and has yet to see an official release date. We are still hoping to gain clearance on the music we used in the feature, and hope to get this out in some way still (maybe an online download or stream of sorts) as we are all proud of how it turned out. So what about the new SYG DVD? Well, while we are still figuring out how to make 'Work In Progress' viewable to the public, we have been busy compiling footage for a newer, more updated DVD. We have owed our record label, Eulogy Recordings, a DVD for over 2 years now and they are very anxious (as are we) for us to fulfill our DVD agreement and move on to new projects pertaining to SYG. A deadline of April 2008 has been put on this new untitled DVD, and though we are working hard to meet that deadline, we do not want to release any video material prematurely. Even if it does not hit stores by April, we want to promise you all a release by the end of the year. We have slowly but surely been going through various film clips we gathered over 2007 to find the best of live songs, interviews, and most importantly, tour shenaniganary! We have been avoiding using any filler or boring video footage just to meet release deadlines. We want to make sure we are giving you all a product you will want to watch time and time again."

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