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Misery Signals set to record new album

Official press release: Misery Signals has announced that they will be stepping into the studio this week to begin the recording process for their third Ferret Music full-length, album title TBA. The band will be recording with Devin Townsend (Strapping Young Lad, Darkest Hour), and are excited about working with him again, tells bassist Kyle Johnson, "Devin has this awesome new set-up and new gear, so that's exciting. Recording with him is a good experience, and we intend on using him as producer as well. He always makes great contributions and suggestions to the songs, and he is really understanding about what kind of sound we are going for." Townsend himself is gearing up for a momentous experience, saying that "This is gonna be a record that brings the band to a new level. The rock will continue to roll in a fastidious way." The band is well along in the process of writing, says Johnson, "Musically the songs are written, but lyrically we are still writing. Basically, we took both records and put them together, with a new sound mixed in as well. This will be a little more straightforward than the last two albums, and for the most part it's influenced by what we are into personally. It's definitely more something that has parts that you can hold onto and that are memorable." This is the band's second album recorded with vocalist Karl Schubach, and he is happy to have comfortably settled into his role. "I feel like it's my band now, it's not Misery Signals plus Karl and I'm much more comfortable being part of what we represent. I also feel like music is more of my own, and I'm psyched about the new record, it's got a lot of elements that weren't in last one, a lot of parts that are just heavier with a lot of off-time polyrhythm like Meshuggah."

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