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Bridge Nine Records signs H20

Official press release: Boston's Bridge Nine Records and New York's H2O are very proud and extremely excited to announce that H2O is officially joining the Bridge Nine Records family. H20 is currently in the studio with producer Chad Gilbert (Shai Hulud, New Found Glory, Hazen Street) and engineer Paul Miner (Death By Stereo) working on their as-yet untitled fifth full-length CD/LP. "This is something that we are very excited to announce," said Chris Wrenn, Owner of Bridge Nine Records. "H2O has a long history for both me and everyone who works here and they fit with the label's decade of history and the roster of bands with almost 100 releases. They have a history with Sick Of It All and the guys in Project X, and they fit in well with our current bands like Death Before Dishonor all the way to Crime In Stereo. I remember seeing H2O when I was in college in 1995 and the band was everything hardcore should be - they were energetic, everyone at the show was having fun, and it had such a positive vibe. I even gave Toby one of the first Bridge Nine items I ever made-a patch with a Misfits crimson ghost with X'd up hands." Wrenn added, "And to show what kind of guy Toby is - he still has it!" After four albums and over 300,000 copies sold on Blackout, Epitaph, and MCA Records and almost a decade of constant touring with the likes of the Misfits, Sick Of It All, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and Warped Tour, H2O took their first (and well-deserved) break in 2003. The band was given time to pursue other interests that they didn't have the chance to pursue in that breakneck schedule. H2O still played shows and still wrote songs, but in the meantime, Toby became the proud father of Maximus Morse, expanded his musical range with Hazen Street and founded the SXEOG clothing line. Todd hit the road as lead guitar player in Juliette Lewis and the Licks. Rusty focused on his company, Pnut Jewelry, which became a busy enterprise in its own right. TF played drums for various NYC punk bands, and Adam played with rockers Alston. With five members split between LA and NYC, it was never a matter of IF H2O was going to get back to full-steam, but a matter of when. In 2005, H20 went back to what made them a household name in the first place: touring, and while getting ready for their next record, they went out with The Used and Pennywise and they headlined the Peta2 tour with future members of B9's own Ambitions (then known as With Honor). In 2006, the new record was still in the works when the band headlined South America and the USA again, as well as supporting Rancid and headlining the inaugural "This Is Hardcore" Fest in Philadelphia. 2007 came around and after returning to Japan and doing some small stints in the US, that unnamed new record was still in progress all along. As the story goes according to Chris Wrenn," [Label Manager] Karl [Hensel] and I were in the office listening to H2O and talking about the first time we both saw the band play, and then the conversation became 'They're still an awesome band. We should do the next H2O record' not thinking that it would actually happen. But here we are." said Chris Wrenn. And the rest is history. Anyone who knows will tell you: H2O is best experienced live-and the band is ready to do that with a new album of songs to play. Bassist Adam Blake said, "You won't get the full picture of who H2O are from reading an interview or even from listening to a record. To really get it, you need to come to a live show and hang with us. We want our fans to feel like we're all part of one family,that we're all in this together. We appreciate every kid who has come out, and who still comes out- this album will not disappoint anyone." Look for H20's highly anticipated Bridge Nine debut to hit stores in May 2008 and get ready to see H20 to support the album with full world touring throughout the new year!

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