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6/7/2024 No/Más added to Zao summer tour, replacing Capra
6/5/2024 Counterparts, Zao, Merauder, and more to play Furnace Fest 2024 kickoff parties
5/12/2024 Zao to combine first two EPs into one special 12" & CD
5/2/2024 Frail Body drop from upcoming Zao tour to support Baroness European tour
4/24/2024 Zao announce their 'Live From The Church' performance will remain free on YouTube
4/18/2024 Zao share Live From The Church video in full for a limited time
4/8/2024 Zao announce U.S. tour with Capra and Frail Body
3/28/2024 Zao release "A Well-Intentioned Virus" performance from upcoming 'Live From The Church'
3/15/2024 Zao share "Croatoan" performance from upcoming 'Live From The Church'
3/5/2024 Zao share "Ghost Psalm" performance from upcoming 'Live From The Church'
11/28/2023 Zao to release 'Live From The Church' on multiple formats
10/13/2023 Zao is selling a Halloween mask
5/24/2023 Zao to tour with Capra and Your Spirit Dies in September
3/10/2023 Zao announce West Coast tour
1/25/2023 Zao return to Furnace Fest in 2023
7/20/2022 Zao announce tour dates with Thoughtcrimes
6/1/2022 Ether Coven sign with Good Fight Music, debut new single feat. Dwid of Integrity
3/17/2022 Darkest Hour announce 'Deliver Us' anniversary tour dates with Zao, Bloodlet, Toxic Holocaust
1/9/2022 Sincerity Fest 2022 announced
6/30/2021 Zao announce fall tour dates
3/17/2021 Zao debut new song and video
3/4/2021 Zao premiere first single from new album
2/16/2021 Zao announce new album 'The Crimson Corridor'
6/29/2020 Zao to release early recordings and vinyl reissues
1/19/2020 Zao finishing up new album
12/25/2019 Misery Signals, Zao, more added to Furnace Fest 2020
10/16/2019 Zao to release 'Reformat/Reboot' in November
5/23/2019 Zao, Hollow Earth, Wolf King tour dates
2/13/2019 Zao guitarist says Tim Lambesis doesn't deserve to be in a band
1/29/2019 Zao premiere new song and video
11/5/2018 Zao to release new album in 2019
10/5/2018 Aura Fest 2019 announced
9/13/2018 Zao premieres new song
8/2/2018 Zao to release two records this year
5/30/2018 Zao, The Atlas Moth, Yashira tour dates
2/26/2018 Zao, HolyGold, Revenge Season mini-tour
1/25/2018 Zao announces Florida shows
10/3/2017 Zao announces Texas mini-tour
9/15/2017 Zao announces new EP
3/24/2017 Zao, Colombian Necktie, Seizures mini-tour
2/8/2017 Zao to release 'Burned At The Stake' beer
11/22/2016 AURA Fest 2017 lineup announced
10/12/2016 Zao set to release new album
9/28/2016 Zao announce release date for new album
7/13/2016 Chain Fest to feature Underoath, Circa Survive, Zao, more
3/28/2016 This Is Hardcore 2016 lineup announced
3/23/2016 Amnesia Rockfest 2016 lineup announced
2/9/2016 Zao announces first show in four years
1/26/2016 New England Metal Fest 2016 lineup takes shape
11/6/2015 Zao finishes recording new album
10/13/2015 So What?! Music Festival 2016 adds more bands
9/30/2015 Zao to release new album in 2016
6/16/2015 Zao to release new EP in July
6/25/2014 Zao to enter studio next month
6/2/2014 Zao has both good and bad news regarding new album
4/29/2014 Zao continues to work on new recordings
12/3/2013 Zao set to begin recording new album
10/17/2012 Zao to release new album in 2013
6/27/2012 Zao co-founder returns with new band
4/11/2012 Zao cancels shows
1/22/2012 Stand Together Fest (TN) announced
8/29/2010 Zao news and notes
11/16/2009 Zao writing new album
1/16/2009 Zao finishing up new album
9/22/2008 Zao recording new album with Tim Lambesis
7/10/2008 Zao prepares new album
8/2/2007 Society's Finest recruits ex-Zao drummer
5/4/2007 Zao loses drummer
1/23/2007 Zao news and notes
7/6/2006 Throwdown, Zao, Evergreen Terrace, etc. tour
3/31/2006 Zao singer injured, band drops off tour
3/14/2006 Demon Hunter, Zao, August Burns Red, etc. tour
2/14/2006 Demon Hunter, Zao, etc. tour announced
1/31/2006 Ferret "Under The Gun" (Zao, etc.) tour dates
1/28/2006 Madball, Zao, Scarlet, etc. tour
1/21/2006 Zao confirm guitarist's departure
1/6/2006 In Flames, Trivium, Zao tour
11/25/2005 In Flames, Trivium, Zao, etc. dates
11/9/2005 Zao tap Steve Albini for new album
8/19/2005 Zao announce DVD details
8/9/2005 Zao drop off Warped Tour following injury
7/28/2005 DEP, Unearth, Zao, A Life Once Lost tour
7/13/2005 The Juliana Theory sign w/ Abacus Recs
7/3/2005 Zao news and notes
4/4/2005 Stress Tour (Bleeding Through, etc.) dates
3/26/2005 Zao solidify touring plans
2/21/2005 Zao get new bassist
1/26/2005 Zao losing bassist
8/17/2004 DEP, Misery Signals, ETID, Zao tour
7/16/2004 Gods (ex-Zao) to record new album in August
7/6/2004 Misery Signals lining up tours
2/25/2004 Ferret Music Tour takes shape
2/6/2004 Zao lineup changes confirmed
10/27/2003 Zao joins Ferret roster
11/26/2002 ZAO re-release to drop early next year
11/20/2002 Akeldama records demo/EP with Jesse Smith
10/15/2002 ZAO guitarists form new project
6/14/2002 ZAO, Unearth, and Underoath tour schedule
6/1/2002 ZAO's reputed final tour
4/19/2002 ZAO to play last show ever at Furnace Fest
3/29/2002 ZAO finishes recording new album
2/15/2002 Cornerstone Festival begins to take shape
2/12/2002 Eyes Upon Separation looking for drummer
2/9/2002 ZAO sticking with Solid State Records
1/13/2002 Zao reportedly still together
7/31/2001 Zao & Darkest Hour tour schedule
5/27/2001 Zao, Luti-Kriss heading up label tour
3/31/2001 Zao & NWBD to tour this summer
1/24/2001 Zao/Juliana Theory split update
1/22/2001 Not Waving But Drowning and Zao tour
10/23/2000 Zao completes new album

News Tidbits
4/8/2021 Zao unveil new song "Transitions"
4/7/2021 Metalcore stalwarts Zao were the guests on our latest podcast episode. Check it out!
3/30/2021 Zao share new song
3/1/2021 Zao preview new track 'Croatoan'
4/21/2019 Happy Easter. You should be listening to this album on repeat all day.
10/16/2017 Zao has premiered a new track from their upcoming EP.
9/25/2017 Zao has premiered a new track.
6/20/2017 Zao's new video for "Broken Pact Blues" is now online.
3/9/2017 Zao has released a music video for their song "Xenophobe."
12/13/2016 We just reviewed the brand new Zao album. Have a look.
12/1/2016 The new Zao album can now be streamed in its entirety.
11/21/2016 Zao has shared a new track from their forthcoming LP.
11/14/2016 A new Zao song is available online.
10/27/2016 The title track of Zao's forthcoming album is now online.
10/13/2016 Zao has debuted a track from their forthcoming album.
7/10/2015 Here's a new Zao track titled "Fear Itself."
7/2/2015 Zao has unveiled their first new track since 2009.
2/11/2015 Listen to 16 seconds of the first new Zao you've heard in a long time.
1/29/2014 Electronic rock project Minor Crisis (ex-Zao, The Chariot) has debuted a new single.
3/23/2010 Zao has written roughly seven demo tracks for their next album.
5/1/2009 Zao's new album can currently be streamed in its entirety.
4/13/2009 Another new Zao song is now online.
3/30/2009 Zao has unveiled a track from their forthcoming album.
9/10/2008 A video trailer for Zao's next album is available online.
2/17/2007 Former Zao drummer Jeff Gretz is currently playing for From Autumn To Ashes.
9/21/2006 Zao's video for "My Love, My Love..." is now available online.
6/8/2006 Zao's new album can now be streamed in its entirety.
5/15/2006 Zao have posted a track from their upcoming album.
1/8/2005 Zao, The Julian Theory, Open Hand, and The Takeover will be touring together from March 2nd until April 9th. Look for dates soon.
11/1/2004 Zao will headline a tour (mostly on the West Coast) with Twelve Tribes, Emery, and The Agony Scene in January.
6/10/2004 Click here to listen to three songs from the new Zao record.
5/20/2004 Click here to download a track from Zao's upcoming Ferret Music release.

2/10/2022 Abnegation: Hopes of Harmony

4/6/2021 Scott & Jeff of Zao

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