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Zack Ohren

3/28/2022 Inanimate Existence announce new album, premiere first single and video
1/4/2022 Darkness Everywhere (Light This City, Crepuscle) announce debut EP, share new song
12/10/2021 Immolation announce new album 'Acts of God', premiere song and video
11/12/2021 Machine Head to release new album in summer of 2022
8/27/2021 Pathology sign with Nuclear Blast, premiere new single
7/26/2021 Reaping Asmodeia announce new album, premiere lead single
4/20/2021 Aborted recording new album
4/16/2021 The Day Of The Beast sign with Prosthetic Records
1/26/2021 Pathology recording new album
1/8/2021 Entheos recording new album
9/18/2020 Gama Bomb announce new album, debut title track
6/17/2020 Machine Head debut song ft. Killswitch Engage frontman
2/29/2020 Warbringer announce new album
10/11/2019 Machine Head release new song 'Do Or Die'
9/8/2019 Exmortus to release new EP in October
5/26/2019 Pathology to release new album in August
3/24/2019 Machine Head begin auditioning new members
3/17/2019 Inanimate Existence announce new album, share preview
1/22/2019 Sworn Enemy announces new album
6/11/2018 Continuum recording new album
1/5/2018 Exmortus recording new album
11/21/2017 Alterbeast to release new album in February
11/17/2017 Machine Head announce new album, premiere song
9/27/2017 Light This City reunite, set to record new album
9/20/2017 Oblivion announce new album, premiere song
8/28/2017 The Kennedy Veil announce new album, premiere song
12/15/2016 Immolation announce new album, premiere song
9/10/2016 Seeker detail new album, premiere new song
10/29/2015 Unique Leader to release Destroying The Devoid LP
10/28/2015 Fallujah recording new album
8/28/2015 Arkaik to release new album in October
5/23/2015 Exmortus set to record new album
3/31/2015 Six Feet Under bassist releases solo album
6/20/2014 Omnihility set to release new album
5/15/2014 Fallujah completes new album
4/27/2014 Inanimate Existence to release new album in June
10/29/2013 Saving Grace begins recording new album
9/16/2013 Unique Leader Records signs Alterbeast
7/22/2013 Unique Leader signs Oblivion (ex-All Shall Perish)
7/9/2013 Unique Leader Records signs Deprecated
4/29/2013 Unique Leader Records signs Continuum
2/27/2013 Deeds of Flesh to release new album in June
1/22/2013 Fallujah to enter studio
1/8/2013 Arsonists Get All The Girls recording new album
8/16/2012 Immolation recording new album
6/23/2012 Arkaik album set for for release
2/29/2012 Havenside album set for April release
1/27/2012 Facedown Records signs Leaders
8/25/2011 Bankrobber records new album
4/25/2011 All Shall Perish album set for release
3/26/2011 Creator-Destructor signs Enabler (ex-Dead To Fall)
2/22/2011 Heartsounds recording new album
12/16/2010 Arsonists Get All The Girls to enter studio
12/8/2010 Creator-Destructor signs Until Your Heart Stops
10/7/2010 Sea Of Treachery signs with Blkheart Group
5/10/2010 Creator Destructor to release Gypsyhawk debut
4/23/2010 Decrepit Birth completes new album
2/15/2010 At Our Heels recording new album
1/15/2010 Conducting From The Grave set to record
12/31/2009 Decrepit Birth set to record new album
11/16/2009 Immolation completes recording for new album
6/3/2009 Blind Witness recording new album
4/2/2009 Standby Records signs Return From Exile
2/10/2009 Warbringer finishes recording new album
1/15/2009 Suffocation set to record new album
12/19/2008 Warbringer set to record new album
10/21/2008 Arsonists Get All The Girls' new album
7/29/2008 Mediaskare Records signs Betrayal
3/24/2008 Light This City recording new album
1/30/2008 Mediaskare Recs signs A Breath Before Surfacing
7/6/2007 Mediaskare Records signs Belay My Last
4/24/2007 Century Media signs Arsonists Get All The Girls
1/7/2007 Cerberus set to enter studio
11/3/2006 Willowtip Records signs Odious Mortem
3/2/2005 Abacus Recs signs Embrace The End
2/16/2005 Animosity signs w/ Black Market Activities
9/12/2002 Stillborn Records inks The Program

News Tidbits
11/13/2020 Machine Head issue new single
2/14/2020 Machine Head premiere new 'anti-Valentine's Day' song

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