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12/27/2023 Xibalba to tour Latin America this Winter
12/4/2023 Xibalba release new EP 'Aztlán' out of the blue prior to West Coast tour
3/3/2022 Xibalba announce 15th anniversary tour dates
10/11/2021 For The Children 2021 lineup announced
9/10/2021 Northwest Terror Fest 2022 lineup announced
3/26/2020 Xibalba debut first single from new album
3/18/2020 Xibalba to release new album in May
1/4/2020 Northwest Terror Fest 2020 announced
10/9/2019 The Warriors debut new song, sign with Pure Noise Records
7/29/2019 Xibalba recording new album
5/6/2019 Xibalba to record new album this summer
5/3/2019 Mosh For Paws 2019 lineup takes shape
1/12/2019 The Rumble 2019 lineup announced
1/9/2019 Gorilla Biscuits, Judge to play 2019 Not So Fun Wknd
10/2/2018 Xibalba, Racetraitor announce shows
10/1/2018 For The Children 2018 lineup takes shape
9/24/2018 Darkest Hour, Xibalba added to The Power Of The Riff
10/31/2017 Trouble N' Texas Festival 2018 announced
10/7/2017 For The Children 2017 announced
1/19/2017 Sound And Fury Fest 2017 lineup takes shape
1/17/2017 Xibalba announce new EP, premiere song
10/21/2016 Xibalba completes new EP
9/13/2016 Fallcore 2016 lineup announced
8/11/2016 Despised Icon, Xibalba to tour Japan
12/18/2015 Friends Fest to benefit The Ghost Inside
10/10/2015 For The Children Fest 2015 lineup announced
4/28/2015 Southwest Terror Fest 2015 lineup announced
12/1/2014 Xibalba, All Out War, The Banner tour dates
11/20/2014 Xibalba announces new album
10/15/2014 Xibalba completes new album
4/25/2014 Denver Black Sky 2014 announced
3/14/2014 Xibalba and Suburban Scum announce split LP
2/15/2014 Heart Fest 2014 lineup finalized
12/12/2013 Keystone Hardcore Jam 2014 lineup announced
12/10/2013 Comeback Kid, Backtrack, Xibalba tour
11/22/2013 South By So What?! 2014 announces more bands
7/2/2013 The Acacia Strain, Within The Ruins, Xibalba tour
6/28/2013 The Ghost Inside, Xibalba, Reign Supreme mini-tour
2/15/2013 Lionheart, Xibalba, The Mongoloids mini-tour
1/28/2013 Nails, Xibalba, Early Graves tour dates
1/20/2013 The Rumble 2013 (Chicago) announced
12/14/2012 Terror, Xibalba tour (Japan)
9/6/2012 Backtrack, Xibalba, Harness tour
7/9/2012 Xibalba, Alpha & Omega tour
6/29/2012 The Power of the Riff 'East' announced
6/20/2012 Bringin It Back For The Kids Fest 2 initial lineup
6/13/2012 Xibalba to release new album in August
6/8/2012 Power of the Riff Festival 2012 announced
3/28/2012 Xibalba, Soul Search tour dates
2/11/2012 Take Offense, Xibalba, Soul Search tour

News Tidbits
5/5/2020 Xibalba debut title track of new album
2/2/2017 Xibalba has unveiled a new track from their forthcoming EP.
12/21/2015 Letlive. and Xibalba are among the bands newly added to Friends Fest.
5/22/2015 Xibalba's new video for "Guerrilla" is available online.
1/26/2015 Xibalba has launched a stream of their new album, Tierra Y Libertad.
1/13/2015 Xibalba has premiered a new song and music video.
12/18/2014 Xibalba has premiered the first new song from their upcoming album.
8/11/2014 Sleeping Giant has debuted a new track featuring guest appearances from members of Xibalba and Advent.
6/11/2014 A full album stream of the new Xibalba and Suburban Scum split LP is available online.
12/4/2013 Xibalba has uploaded a music video for "Soledad."

5/22/2015 Xibalba "Guerrilla" video premiere
1/26/2015 Xibalba 'Tierra Y Libertad' album stream

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