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Woe, Is Me

1/28/2024 Issues joined on stage by founding/former vocalist Michael Bohn to perform debut EP 'Black Diamonds'
12/22/2023 Woe, Is Me release new single "Hard To Live" w/ David Benites of Renesans
4/14/2023 Woe, Is Me debut first new single in 13 years
7/30/2014 Rise Records signs Favorite Weapon (ex-Woe Is Me)
2/28/2014 Cursed Sails (ex-Issues) sign with Velocity/Rise
9/25/2013 Woe, Is Me cancels UK tour
9/18/2013 Woe, Is Me breaks up
8/16/2013 Woe, Is Me to record new album in October
5/19/2013 Woe, Is Me tour (UK)
3/8/2013 Woe, Is Me kicks out drummer
3/2/2013 Artery Foundation announces SXSW Showdown 2013
1/23/2013 Woe Is Me, Crown The Empire, Dayshell mini-tour
12/9/2012 South By So What 2013 lineup takes shape
12/8/2012 Warped Tour 2013 to include Woe Is Me, I See Stars
11/26/2012 Pierce The Veil, Woe Is Me tour (UK)
11/19/2012 Of Mice & Men, Woe Is Me, Volumes tour
9/11/2012 Issues to release debut in November
8/20/2012 Woe Is Me, Chunk! No Captain Chunk!, etc. tour
5/11/2012 Woe Is Me set to record new album
5/8/2012 Scream It Like You Mean It 2012 tour dates
4/18/2012 Scream It Like You Mean It 2012 lineup takes shape
4/17/2012 That's Outrageous breaking up?
4/16/2012 Woe Is Me announces new vocalist
3/7/2012 Woe, Is Me loses three members
1/4/2012 Jamboree Music Festival (OH) details
12/19/2011 We Came As Romans, Emmure, Blessthefall tour
9/15/2011 Woe, Is Me announces new singer

News Tidbits
4/12/2014 Another new Cursed Sails (ex-Woe Is Me) track is available online.
8/18/2013 A new Woe, Is Me song is now online.
3/28/2013 Woe, Is Me has debuted their new music video for "A Story To Tell."
10/23/2012 A new Woe, Is Me song has made its online debut via lyric video.
10/1/2012 Woe, Is Me's new single has surfaced online.
9/27/2011 Woe, Is Me has debuted a new song (their first with new singer Hance Alligood).
3/22/2011 New tracks from Woe, Is Me and Memphis May Fire can be heard here and <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAz
11/30/2010 Woe, Is Me has debuted their new video for "[&] Delinquents."
8/19/2010 A new Woe, Is Me song is now available online.

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