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Wisdom In Chains

4/22/2022 This Is Hardcore 2022 lineup takes shape
9/3/2020 Wisdom In Chains announce split EP, share Epoxies cover
10/24/2019 Keystone Jam III lineup announced
5/21/2019 Wisdom In Chains cancel tour dates
3/4/2019 Sick Of It All, Slapshot, Wisdom In Chains tour dates
2/7/2019 Black N' Blue Bowl 2019 announced
8/9/2018 One King Down to play first hometown show in 17 years
8/7/2018 East Coast Tsunami Fest 2018 lineup takes shape
6/26/2018 Wisdom In Chains recruiting fans for video shoot
5/25/2018 Wisdom In Chains debuts first single from new album
5/19/2018 Wisdom In Chains announces new album
3/30/2018 This Is Hardcore 2018 lineup announced
12/18/2017 The Rumble 2018 announced
12/18/2017 Trapped Under Ice, No Warning, Wisdom In Chains mini-tour
8/25/2017 Madball, Wisdom In Chains to release split EP
7/30/2017 East Coast Tsunami Fest 2017 lineup announced
3/27/2017 This Is Hardcore 2017 announced
3/6/2017 Terror, Wisdom In Chains tour dates (Europe)
9/22/2016 H2O announces 20th anniversary shows for debut LP
7/6/2016 East Coast Tsunami Fest 2016 announced
2/24/2016 44 Fest lineup finalized
10/7/2015 Terror, Wisdom In Chains, Twitching Tongues UK tour
9/10/2015 Ignite, Terror, H2O, Iron Reagan tour (Europe)
7/29/2015 East Coast Tsunami Fest 2015 lineup revealed
4/7/2015 Wisdom In Chains announce new album
12/15/2014 Southeast Beast 2015 lineup takes shape
8/25/2014 Oneonta Punk 2014 lineup takes shape
8/18/2014 TNT Fest 2014 lineup finalized
8/4/2014 East Coast Tsunami Fest 2014 lineup takes shape
2/19/2014 Madball, Biohazard, Wisdom In Chains tour (Europe)
12/12/2013 Keystone Hardcore Jam 2014 lineup announced
4/9/2013 Sound and Fury Fest 2013 lineup takes shape
2/5/2013 Beatdown Fest 2013 (NY) announced
1/20/2013 The Rumble 2013 (Chicago) announced
12/13/2010 Wisdom In Chains, Grave Maker tour dates
11/12/2010 H20, Man Overboard, Wisdom In Chains mini-tour
8/19/2009 Wisdom In Chains update
5/11/2009 Wisdom In Chains signs w/ I Scream Records
4/23/2009 Stigma, Discipline, Wisdom In Chains tour dates
3/21/2009 Madball, Wisdom In Chains tour dates
7/30/2007 Sick Of It All, Wisdom In Chains dates (Europe)

News Tidbits
2/27/2020 Wisdom In Chains issue video for Twisted Sister cover
7/17/2018 Wisdom In Chains has uploaded a full stream of their upcoming album, and released a new video.
7/5/2018 Wisdom In Chains has premiered another track from their forthcoming album.
6/17/2018 Wisdom In Chains is streaming a new song.
1/2/2016 Wisdom In Chains has released a video for "Violent Americans."
6/24/2015 Wisdom In Chains have released a video for "When We Were Young."
5/30/2015 Wisdom In Chains are now streaming their forthcoming album in its entirety.
5/7/2015 Another new Wisdom In Chains song is now online.
4/24/2015 Wisdom In Chains have debuted their new song "Violent Americans."
3/6/2014 A new Wisdom In Chains song is available online.
3/11/2012 Wisdom In Chains has uploaded a song from their new album.

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