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3/5/2023 Windhand vocalist Dorthia Cottrell plans solo record, reveals new single
2/17/2022 Windhand, Un tour dates
9/10/2021 Northwest Terror Fest 2022 lineup announced
1/7/2020 Windhand headlining tour dates with Devil Master, Serial Hawk
1/4/2020 Northwest Terror Fest 2020 announced
11/10/2019 Psycho Las Vegas 2020 initial lineup announced
11/7/2019 Windhand robbed in Texas
9/26/2018 Windhand, Genocide Pact tour dates
8/24/2018 Windhand, Grime to tour Europe
4/5/2018 Windhand recording new album
1/19/2018 Stumpfest 2018 lineup announced
12/8/2017 Windhand announces split with Satan's Satyrs
3/13/2017 Windhand, Satan's Satyrs announce European tour
2/22/2017 Windhand announces North America tour dates
8/22/2016 Windhand, ILSA mini-tour
6/4/2015 Windhand to release new album in September
3/3/2015 Windhand recording new album
8/1/2014 Day Of The Shred 2014 lineup announced
7/18/2014 Windhand, All Them Witches tour dates
2/1/2014 Windhand tour dates
11/9/2013 Windhand guitarist sidelined with blood clot
9/3/2013 High On Fire, Kvelertak, Doomriders, Windhand tour
8/25/2013 Windhand, Pilgrim tour (Europe)
7/18/2013 Windhand album set for release; trailer online
6/5/2013 Windhand tour schedule
5/17/2013 Windhand completes new album
3/7/2013 Relapse Records signs Windhand
2/13/2013 Relapse Records to release Cough/Windhand split

News Tidbits
11/1/2018 new Windhand video
9/5/2018 Windhand has shared a new track.
8/1/2018 Windhand has unveiled a new song and music video.
9/20/2017 Windhand has debuted a new music video.
10/19/2015 Windhand has premiered a new "evil" music video.
9/2/2015 Windhand has debuted another track from their forthcoming album.
8/17/2014 Windhand's new video for "Orchard" is available online.

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