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10/16/2020 Vanna's 2006 lineup returns as Inspirit, share debut single
9/10/2020 Vanna frontman issues statement in wake of allegations
9/1/2017 Vanna announces final West Coast shows
7/18/2017 Vanna announces final show
5/2/2017 Vanna issues statement on break-up
4/28/2017 Vanna breaking up, announce farewell tour
8/24/2016 Church Tongue sign with Blood & Ink, premiere song
8/11/2016 Vanna, Capsize, To The Wind tour announced
7/11/2016 So What?! Music Fest lineup takes shape
6/13/2016 Beartooth, Vanna, Fit For A King tour (UK, Ireland)
5/19/2016 Vanna announce new album, premiere video
2/6/2016 Vanna robbed in Atlanta
12/14/2015 For Today, Like Moths To Flames, Phinehas, Vanna tour
11/20/2015 Vanna allegedly being sued for guitar mishap during show
9/3/2015 Vanna to cover Korn, Metallica, more on EP; premiere song
8/18/2015 Vanna tour dates
3/17/2015 Indiana guitarist gets set on fire during show
3/2/2015 Favorite Weapon cancels U.S. tour
2/5/2015 New England Metal & Hardcore Fest 2015 adds bands
1/21/2015 The Color Morale, Slaves, Vanna tour announced
1/9/2015 Vanna, ex-Since The Flood members launch new band
1/3/2015 The Color Morale, Vanna, Slaves tour
12/4/2014 Never Say Never Fest 2015 lineup announced
11/20/2014 Vanna, Heart To Heart, Brigades mini-tour
11/1/2014 South By So What?! 2015 announces more bands
10/10/2014 Vanna, Texas In July, Sirens & Sailors mini-tour
8/11/2014 Beartooth, Vanna, Sirens & Sailors, Sylar tour
7/22/2014 Being As An Ocean, Vanna, Crooks tour (Europe)
3/24/2014 Vanna recording new album
2/20/2014 Vanna signs with Pure Noise Records
2/20/2014 Warped Tour 2014 adds Parkway Drive, Vanna
11/30/2013 Vanna set to release EP; new song online
11/12/2013 Vanna, State Champs, Sworn In holiday mini-tour
10/15/2013 Norma Jean, Vanna, KEN mode tour dates
10/12/2013 Norma Jean, Vanna, KEN mode tour
8/28/2013 Vanna, Great American Ghost mini-tour
8/27/2013 Southern Ties Fest 2013 lineup announced
8/14/2013 Vanna, Alpha & Omega, Betrayal tour dates
7/18/2013 Vanna, Alpha & Omega, Betrayal, The Greenery tour
1/25/2013 Vanna completes new album, debuts new song
1/18/2013 Norma Jean, Vanna tour (Australia)
12/4/2012 Vanna recording new album
12/4/2012 Every Time I Die, The Acacia Strain, Vanna tour
11/8/2012 Vanna, Lionheart mini-tour
8/13/2012 Iwrestledabearonce, Oceano, Vanna tour
7/13/2012 Iwrestledabearonce, Oceano, Vanna tour (Europe)
2/2/2012 Vanna loses two members
1/13/2012 Chelsea Grin, Attila, For The Fallen Dreams tour
12/22/2011 Chelsea Grin announces headline tour, new EP
11/7/2011 Vanna, Hundredth, The Greenery tour (Europe)
9/28/2011 The Chariot, Vanna, Crimson Armada tour
8/18/2011 Blind Witness, Stray From The Path, Vanna dates
8/10/2011 Blind Witness, Stray From The Path, Vanna tour
6/27/2011 Never Say Die! Tour (Europe) announced
5/11/2011 In Fear and Faith, Vanna, A Loss For Words tour
2/25/2011 Vanna's trailer, gear stolen in Atlanta
1/26/2011 Attila, Vanna, Arsonists Get All The Girls tour
12/21/2010 Vanna, Stray From The Path tour (Europe)
10/13/2010 Vanna, Tides Of Man, Greeley Estates tour
8/12/2010 Vanna signs with Artery Recordings
8/2/2010 Iwrestledabearonce, Chariot, Chelsea Grin tour
1/14/2010 Gwen Stacy, Dead & Divine, Vanna, Oceana tour
10/24/2009 Vanna, Therefore I Am, A Loss For Words tour
8/20/2009 Finch, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Vanna tour
7/23/2009 It Dies Today, Vanna, AGATG tour
7/4/2009 Vanna singer leaves band
5/17/2009 Vanna, A Static Lullaby tour
2/13/2009 The Human Abstract, Iwrestledabearonce tour
11/11/2008 Gwen Stacy, Vanna, In Fear And Faith tour
9/24/2008 Vanna finishing up new album
8/28/2008 Ligeia, Vanna tour schedule
4/13/2008 Monsters Of The Deep Tour
2/21/2008 Vanna drummer leaves band
3/31/2007 Twelve Gauge Valentine, Bloodjinn, etc. tour
2/26/2007 The Esoteric and Vanna tour (Canada)

News Tidbits
11/10/2016 Vanna has released a video for "Mutter."
10/6/2016 Vanna has released a new video.
6/30/2016 Vanna is streaming their new album, All Hell.
6/23/2016 Vanna has unveiled a video for a track from their upcoming album.
6/10/2016 Vanna has debuted a new song from their next album.
2/8/2016 Vanna accused of gambling at the same time they're receiving thousands of dollars via GoFundMe.
10/2/2015 Vanna's cover of the Metallica song "Fuel" has made its online debut.
9/24/2015 Vanna has debuted their new Korn cover.
9/19/2015 Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan digs Vanna's new cover of "Zero."
9/17/2015 Vanna has unveiled their new cover of the Smashing Pumpkins song, "Zero."
9/10/2015 Vanna's cover of "Self Esteem" by The Offspring is available online.
3/16/2015 Vanna has unveiled a new video for their song "Toxic Pretender."
5/22/2014 Another new Vanna song is now online.
5/7/2014 Vanna has debuted a track from their forthcoming album.
12/17/2013 Both songs from the new Vanna 7" can be streamed online.
1/25/2012 Vanna, Make Do And Mend are among the latest additions to this summer's Warped Tour. Maybe Born of Osiris too.
4/20/2011 A new Vanna song can be heard here.
3/18/2011 A new Vanna studio update can be seen here.
8/25/2010 Vanna has posted a track from their upcoming EP and Artery Recordings debut.

5/20/2014 Vanna "Piss Up A Rope" song premiere
5/14/2012 New England Metal and Hardcore Fest 2012

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