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Twitching Tongues

3/6/2024 Twitching Tongues vocalist Colin Young pays tribute to Sting during the final match of his career
2/13/2024 Have Heart, Drain, Youth Of Today, Terror and more announced for Tied Down Detroit 2024
2/13/2024 Sound and Fury announce first wave lineup for 2024
1/18/2024 END, Stick To Your Guns, Twitching Tongues and more feature on compilation to free Palestine
1/1/2024 Terror, All Out War, Twitching Tongues and more to play at Just Another Gig in Tacoma, WA
12/18/2023 Not So Fun Weekend 2024 announces new dates featuring God's Hate, Twitching Tongues, and Judiciary
12/10/2023 Twitching Tongues and Ghostemane drummer Cayle Sain has passed away
11/23/2023 Closed Casket Activities to release House of Black 12" featuring Deadbody, God's Hate and more
10/30/2023 Twitching Tongues share Misfits Tribute 'Twitchfits Vol. 1'
10/17/2023 Twitching Tongues to play full Misfits tribute set for The Pit Studio benefit
8/18/2023 Twitching Tongues share dates and lineups for two California headline shows in November
4/26/2023 Twitching Tongues announce return, share redux of 'Sleep Therapy'
2/18/2021 God's Hate announce new album, premiere lead single
4/7/2020 Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues) drops death metal EP
3/31/2020 Converge, Red Chord, ex-Job For A Cowboy members launch band
3/24/2020 Twitching Tongues premiere Celtic Frost cover
10/1/2018 For The Children 2018 lineup takes shape
9/17/2018 LDB Fest 2019 announced
4/26/2018 Code Orange, Twitching Tongues, Vein tour
3/30/2018 This Is Hardcore 2018 lineup announced
2/14/2018 Heartland Throwdown announced
2/7/2018 Twitching Tongues, True Love, Vamachara tour dates
1/26/2018 United Blood Fest 2018 lineup announced
1/22/2018 Twitching Tongues announce new album, premiere song
1/18/2018 Hatebreed, Crowbar, The Acacia Strain tour
9/12/2017 Dying Fetus, Code Orange, Twitching Tongues join Hatebreed tour
7/11/2017 No Warning, Backtrack, Twitching Tongues tour announced
7/6/2017 Twitching Tongues recording new album
11/26/2016 The Midnight Sons (Nails) set to release debut
10/31/2016 For The Children Fest 2016 lineup announced
1/31/2016 Sound and Fury Fest 2016 lineup takes shape
1/22/2016 Bane announces final tour dates, support acts
1/11/2016 United Blood Fest 2016 lineup announced
10/7/2015 Terror, Wisdom In Chains, Twitching Tongues UK tour
9/22/2015 Twitching Tongues add ex-Hatebreed guitarist Sean Martin to band
9/10/2015 Ignite, Terror, H2O, Iron Reagan tour (Europe)
9/2/2015 Twitching Tongues, Harms Way, Homewrecker tour
6/25/2015 Twitching Tongues announce new album, preview song
4/27/2015 Twitching Tongues recording new album
4/3/2015 Twitching Tongues, Disgrace tour (Europe)
4/2/2015 Twitching Tongues signs with Metal Blade Records
2/10/2015 Twitching Tongues prepare new album
8/6/2014 Twitching Tongues, Disgrace mini-tour
7/15/2014 Code Orange, Twitching Tongues co-headlining tour
7/3/2014 Twitching Tongues to release live album
1/19/2014 Madball, Twitching Tongues, Born Low mini-tour
1/15/2014 Code Orange Kids, Twitching Tongues tour (Europe)
11/26/2013 New England Metal & Hardcore Fest initial lineup
7/16/2013 Twitching Tongues, Downpresser announce tour
3/21/2013 Harm's Way, Twitching Tongues tour (Europe)
1/23/2013 Expire, Alpha & Omega, Power Trip tour dates
12/10/2012 Nails, Death Threat, Twitching Tongues mini-tour
9/19/2012 Veil of Maya, The Acacia Strain, Volumes tour
3/27/2012 Take Offense, Twitching Tongues, Harness dates
10/13/2011 Twitching Tongues tour
4/24/2011 Expire, Minus, Twitching Tongues tour

News Tidbits
3/10/2021 our podcast interview with Colin Young of God's Hate and Twitching Tongues is now live
10/30/2020 this polarizing album was released 5 years ago today
3/6/2018 Twitching Tongues has unveiled a new song and music video.
2/12/2018 Twitching Tongues have debuted a new song.
10/30/2015 Twitching Tongues have premiered their new video for "Insincerely Yours."
10/26/2015 A full stream of the new Twitching Tongues album is now online.
10/13/2015 Another new Twitching Tongues song is now online.
9/30/2015 A new Twitching Tongues song titled "Sacrifice Me" has made its online debut.
9/25/2015 Here is video of Twitching Tongues full set from This Is Hardcore 2015.
8/26/2015 Twitching Tongues have unveiled a video for the first new song from their forthcoming album.
3/18/2015 Disgrace is currently streaming their debut album.
8/15/2013 Twitching Tongues' forthcoming album can currently be streamed in its entirety.

10/23/2015 Twitching Tongues 'Disharmony' album stream
3/18/2015 Disgrace 'True Enemy' album stream
8/15/2013 Twitching Tongues 'In Love There Is No Law' album stream

3/10/2021 Colin Young of God's Hate & Twitching Tongues

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