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4/19/2024 Traitors release new single "Break" along with lyric video
2/29/2024 Born of Osiris release new single "A Mind Short Circuiting" along with visualizer
12/4/2023 Born Of Osiris and Attila announce US tour, Traitors, Extortionist, and Not Enough Space to support
10/17/2023 Traitors drummer Stephen Arango steps down
7/25/2023 Traitors drop visualizer for new single, "Unhinged"
5/13/2023 Traitors drummer Stephen Arango breaks hand fending off robber in Vegas, Southpaw drummer to fill
5/9/2023 Traitors present new single "Bitter", share music video
1/31/2023 Attack Attack! share headline tour dates
12/27/2022 Attila, Lorna Shore, Left To Suffer & more join forces for 'The Big Six'
10/13/2022 Traitors post new video prior to tour
6/2/2022 Kentucky Irate Fest 2022 lineup takes shape
3/21/2022 Traitors premiere new song and video 'Enemy'
1/5/2022 Traitors, Left To Suffer, Wristmeetrazor tour announced
8/26/2019 Chelsea Grin, The Acacia Strain, Spite, Traitors tour
4/29/2019 iMatter Festival 2019 lineup announced
3/19/2019 Chelsea Grin, Slaughter To Prevail, Enterprise Earth tour
3/12/2019 The Black Dahlia Murder, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life shows
12/28/2018 Traitors, AngelMaker, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life tour
8/30/2018 Unearth, Fit For An Autopsy, The Agony Scene tour
9/10/2017 Traitors return with new song, upcoming U.S. tour
2/26/2017 New England Metal Fest 2017 announces more bands
1/11/2017 Traitors breaking up
1/9/2017 Traitors vocalist quits band
8/18/2016 The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Traitors, Spite tour
7/4/2016 Heartaches sign with Artery Recordings, premiere new song
4/21/2016 Traitors drummer suing We Are Triumphant
3/8/2016 Oceano, Traitors announce tour
2/3/2016 New England Metal Fest announces more bands
11/16/2015 Traitors, Enterprise Earth tour dates
4/25/2015 Traitors announce summer tour
12/18/2014 Barrier, Villains, Gift Giver, Traitors tour
10/22/2014 Vice calls out Traitors for dropping tour
10/21/2014 Traitors drop off U.S. tour
10/13/2014 Traitors prepare to record new album
10/3/2014 For The Fallen Dreams robbed in St. Louis
9/29/2014 Traitors and We Are Triumphant trade insults
8/21/2014 Traitors robbed in St. Louis; blame promoter
7/13/2014 Traitors leave We Are Triumphant Records
7/3/2014 Traitors stopped at Canadian border; drop off tour
4/27/2014 Black Tongue tour (Canada)
4/3/2014 Traitors tour dates

News Tidbits
2/24/2019 Traitors release new song and video
1/27/2019 Traitors premiere new song
10/29/2018 Traitors debut new track
3/1/2016 Traitors have released a music video for "Intruder."
12/30/2015 Traitors have debuted a new song feature Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder.
11/25/2015 A new Traitors song is now online.
6/3/2015 Traitors have unveiled a downtuned cover of the Pantera classic, "5 Minutes Alone."
2/17/2015 Traitors have unveiled their new video for "The Hate Campaign."
12/29/2014 Traitors have premiered a song from their upcoming album.
2/20/2014 Traitors new EP can now be streamed in its entirety.

2/19/2014 Traitors EP stream

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