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The Mongoloids

4/1/2018 Mongoloids, Suburban Scum members launch World Demise
5/22/2014 Back To School Jam 2014 lineup announced
4/16/2014 The Mongoloids breaking up; announce final tour
2/17/2014 Breast Fest 2014 lineup takes shape
1/15/2014 Heart Fest 8 lineup takes shape
11/16/2013 The Mongoloids, Broken Teeth to release split EP
10/11/2013 FYA Fest lineup announced
5/15/2013 The Mongoloids tour dates
4/14/2013 The Mongoloids, Wrong Answer tour (Europe)
2/21/2013 The Mongoloids, FocusedXMinds tour
2/15/2013 Lionheart, Xibalba, The Mongoloids mini-tour
1/16/2013 Rain Fest 2013 takes shape
1/8/2013 The Mongoloids to release new album in April
12/4/2012 Magic City Hardcore Festival lineup announced
6/20/2012 Bringin It Back For The Kids Fest 2 initial lineup
6/19/2012 Agnostic Front, The Mongoloids tour (Europe)
4/9/2012 Kids Like Us announce final shows
3/13/2012 The Mongoloids, Expire, Wrong Answer tour
10/4/2011 The Mongoloids cancel shows
6/17/2011 Agnostic Front, Mongoloids tour dates
5/16/2011 Kids Like Us, Mongoloids, Greenery tour dates
5/11/2011 Agnostic Front, Mongoloids, Naysayer tour
1/19/2011 The Mongoloids lose three members?
11/28/2010 Death Before Dishonor, Mongoloids tour (Europe)
11/12/2010 Death Before Dishonor, Casey Jones dates
8/30/2010 The Mongoloids tour dates
7/2/2010 The Mongoloids tour dates
5/6/2010 The Mongoloids tour (Japan)
3/22/2010 Donnybrook, Mongoloids, Venia tour
2/22/2010 Death Before Dishonor, Death Threat tour
1/21/2010 The Mongoloids tour
11/19/2009 The Mongoloids, Wolf City mini-tour
5/18/2009 10 for $10 hardcore summer tour
4/7/2009 The Mongoloids, Energy, Ambush tour dates
12/28/2008 Agnostic Front, The Mongoloids tour
9/5/2008 Kids Like Us, Mongoloids, Thick As Blood tour
5/4/2008 Trash Talk, The Mongoloids tour (Europe)
2/29/2008 Eulogy Recordings signs The Mongoloids

News Tidbits
3/19/2013 The Mongoloids new album can now be streamed in its entirety.
1/29/2013 A trailer for The Mongoloids' upcoming album is available online.
7/17/2010 The Mongoloids have uploaded another new track.
12/29/2008 The Mongoloids have posted another track from their new album.
7/20/2008 The Mongoloids has uploaded a track from their new split 7" with Kids Like Us.

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