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The End

1/23/2008 The End tour schedule (Canada)
10/16/2007 The End loses member, cancels tour
9/19/2007 Gwar, The End, Horse The Band tour
6/8/2007 FBTMOF, The End, Heavy Heavy Low Low tour (Europe)
6/1/2007 Threat Signal, The End dates (Canada)
4/20/2007 The End tour schedule
4/11/2007 Fjord tour schedule
2/20/2007 The End completes new video
1/22/2007 Poison The Well, The End, This Is Hell dates
12/8/2006 The End and Cancer Bats tour (Canada)
11/22/2006 The End unveils album details
9/26/2006 The End completes new album
8/16/2006 The End recording new album
9/22/2005 The Black Dahlia Murder, The End, ALOL dates
5/18/2005 The End tour schedule
4/26/2005 The End, The Red Death, etc. tour
1/23/2005 The End, Circle Takes The Square, FASSW tour
1/10/2005 The End tour schedule
9/18/2004 The End tour schedule (Canada)
3/25/2004 Cursed, The End, TAHC mini-tour (Canada)
3/2/2004 The End, Ion Dissonance tour dates (Canada)
2/6/2004 The End tour schedule
11/23/2003 Mare (ex-The End) records demo
11/1/2003 Relapse Records signs The End
10/1/2003 BTBAM, ALOL, The End tour
4/28/2003 The End nearly finished writing new album
8/25/2002 The End kicks off Canadian tour
7/18/2002 The End and The Abandoned Hearts Club tour
5/27/2002 The End finds new vocalist
4/4/2002 The End parts ways with vocalist
1/30/2002 Abandoned Hearts Club and The End to tour

News Tidbits
1/4/2007 The End has posted another track from their upcoming album.
9/14/2004 The End and Transmission 0 will tour together for a month starting on November 4th. Look for dates soon.

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