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Sworn Enemy

1/24/2024 Hatebreed announce 30th anniversary multi-stage matinee home show
5/16/2022 NJ Summer Slam 2022 announced
6/22/2021 Shadows Fall announce reunion show
3/6/2019 Sacred Reich, Sworn Enemy tour dates
2/14/2019 Sworn Enemy premiere first single from new album
1/22/2019 Sworn Enemy announces new album
1/11/2019 Lamb Of God, Animals As Leaders, Sworn Enemy form new band
10/16/2018 Sworn Enemy sign record deal, prepare to release new album
5/8/2018 Sworn Enemy, Thy Will Be Done tour
1/9/2018 ex-Sworn Enemy drummer dies
7/30/2017 East Coast Tsunami Fest 2017 lineup announced
9/9/2016 Sworn Enemy, Hoods, Drowning tour dates
11/12/2015 Sworn Enemy to tour China
3/16/2015 Biohazard, Sworn Enemy tour dates
2/26/2015 Sworn Enemy, Wretched, Dark Sermon tour
1/16/2015 Southeast Beast 2015 adds 23 bands
4/17/2014 Sworn Enemy debuts new song, announces new tour
3/6/2014 Sworn Enemy announces new album, record label
8/23/2013 Sworn Enemy tour dates
8/8/2013 Death Ray Vision, Sworn Enemy, Acaro tour dates
6/5/2013 Sworn Enemy start Indiegogo campaign for new album
2/14/2013 Vehement Serenade announces debut full-length
8/29/2012 Hardcore 'supergroup' announces debut
7/19/2011 Sworn Enemy tour (Europe)
8/23/2010 Sworn Enemy, Gloominous Doom tour dates
12/4/2009 Sworn Enemy guitarist leaves band
3/25/2009 Sworn Enemy, For The Fallen Dreams tour
2/11/2009 Sworn Enemy, Pro-Pain, Mantic Ritual tour
12/29/2008 Sworn Enemy, Freya, etc. tour (Europe)
12/11/2008 Sworn Enemy set to record with Tim Lambesis
11/13/2008 Sworn Enemy cancels Canadian shows
10/16/2008 Sworn Enemy guitarist launches Mamaluke TV
9/22/2008 Sworn Enemy, For Today tour dates (Canada)
6/27/2008 All Shall Perish, Sworn Enemy tour (Europe)
3/18/2008 Divine Heresy, Sworn Enemy, FASSW tour dates
10/2/2007 Sworn Enemy set to release new album
9/26/2007 Sworn Enemy tour dates (East Coast)
5/8/2007 Sworn Enemy recording new album
3/8/2007 Sworn Enemy prepares to record new album
12/8/2006 Sworn Enemy, Kataklysm, As Blood Runs Black tour
10/5/2006 Sepultura, Sworn Enemy, Diecast, etc. tour
9/18/2006 Sworn Enemy and Bloodlined Calligraphy tour
5/25/2006 Sworn Enemy, On Broken Wings, etc. tour
4/11/2006 Abacus Recordings Tour
2/16/2006 Caliban, Sworn Enemy, Ion Dissonance, etc. tour
2/10/2006 Sworn Enemy, Caliban, Ion Dissonance, etc. tour
1/16/2006 Six Feet Under, Sworn Enemy, Animosity tour
9/12/2005 Madball, Sworn Enemy, etc. tour (Europe)
8/4/2005 Abacus Recs signs Sworn Enemy
6/18/2005 Sworn Enemy, Winter Solstice, etc. tour
5/23/2005 Sworn Enemy sign w/ Century Media Records
6/11/2004 Mastodon, Fear Factory, Sworn Enemy tour
12/6/2003 Himsa, Sworn Enemy, As I Lay Dying tour
1/9/2003 Sworn Enemy gets dates on Kittie, 18V tour
10/19/2002 Sworn Enemy, Arch Enemy, God Forbid tour
8/14/2002 All That Remains, Sworn Enemy, Bloodlet tour
6/2/2002 Bad Luck 13, Six Feet Under, Sworn Enemy tour

News Tidbits
7/30/2021 Upstate Records have just announced a showcase featuring Nuclear Assault, Subzero, more
6/18/2019 Sworn Enemy release new video
5/13/2019 ex-Sworn Enemy guitarist Lorenzo Antonucci was in 'Game Of Thrones' last night
3/30/2019 Sworn Enemy share new single
3/27/2015 Sworn Enemy's new video for "No Mercy" is available online.
4/30/2014 Another new Sworn Enemy song is available online.
11/13/2013 Vehement Serenade (Earth Crisis, Sworn Enemy, Skarhead) has debuted their new music video for "Refuse The Lie."
7/9/2013 A new Sworn Enemy demo track is available online.
11/11/2012 Ex-Sworn Enemy guitarist Lorenzo Antonucci has put forth a video in which he calls out Falling In Reverse frontman, Ronnie Radke.

3/27/2014 Sworn Enemy "Hard Way" song premiere

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