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2/17/2021 ex-Suffocate frontman's band Ov Sulfur drop debut single
10/9/2020 ex-Suffokate vocalist Ricky Hoover set to launch new band
11/12/2015 Suicide Silence announce benefit concert
10/1/2014 Suffokate denied entry into Canada; to miss shows
8/13/2014 Pittsburgh Metal & Hardcore Festival lineup
8/12/2014 Suffokate announces headline tour
7/21/2014 Suffokate members quit; band drops off tour
5/30/2014 Abiotic, Suffokate, Aegaeon, As They Sleep tour
5/30/2014 Suffokate announce new singer, debut song
5/27/2014 Suffokate seeks female models for video shoot
4/18/2014 Suffokate finds a new vocalist
3/30/2014 Suffokate says "f*ck you" to absent singer
2/4/2014 Suffokate tour dates
12/16/2013 Suffokate announces three new members
5/1/2013 Suicide Silence: rumors of new singer unfounded
4/5/2013 Suffokate announces new vocalist
7/13/2012 Suffokate seeks new vocalist
5/6/2012 Suffokate and singer part ways
1/6/2012 Bleeding Through, Upon A Burning Body mini-tour
9/7/2011 Throwdown, Carnifex, First Blood, Suffokate tour
6/17/2011 Suffokate mini-tour
4/4/2011 Suffokate set to record new album
1/3/2011 Suffokate, Within The Ruins tour (Canada)
11/8/2010 Ghost Inside, For The Fallen Dreams tour (UK)
6/28/2010 Suffokate, Red Shore, Murder Death Kill tour
6/10/2010 Bleeding Through, Terror, etc. mini-tour
3/17/2010 Carnifex, Veil Of Maya, Suffokate tour (Europe)
2/19/2010 Carnifex, AOAA, Suffokate tour dates
12/2/2009 The Ghost Inside, For The Fallen Dreams tour
9/16/2009 Sea of Treachery, Suffokate, Blind Witness tour
7/23/2009 Born Of Osiris, All Shall Perish tour
6/2/2009 Knights Of The Abyss, Suffokate, etc. tour
3/25/2009 Sworn Enemy, For The Fallen Dreams tour
1/15/2009 All Shall Perish, Abigail Williams dates
1/3/2009 Liferuiner, Suffokate, etc. tour
11/25/2008 Oceano, Breathing Process, Suffokate tour
3/23/2008 Suffokate seeks replacement for departed singer
6/24/2007 Stillborn Records signs two bands
6/13/2005 Kill The Last Hour, Suffokate, etc. tour

News Tidbits
7/10/2014 Suffokate has debuted a music video for "The Imposter."
4/8/2013 Ex-members of Carnifex and Suffokate have launched a new band called Demise.
9/14/2011 Suffokate has unveiled a track from their upcoming album.
5/14/2011 Suffokate has posted a new studio update video.
2/7/2010 Suffokate has uploaded another new song.
1/1/2010 Suffokate has uploaded more new material.
8/27/2009 Suffokate has posted a new song.

8/11/2021 Ricky Hoover of Ov Sulfur/Ex-Suffokate

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