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Suburban Scum

4/1/2018 Mongoloids, Suburban Scum members launch World Demise
1/9/2017 Suburban Scum frontman quits, band goes on hiatus
4/12/2016 Suburban Scum album set for release, new song online
3/4/2016 Suburban Scum announces new record label
1/18/2016 Suburban Scum announces return show
11/21/2015 Suburban Scum to return in 2016
8/5/2015 Suburban Scum addresses Tom Alderson beating
8/4/2015 Weekend Nachos drop off Back To School Jam
8/4/2015 Suburban Scum dropped from Today's Mixtape Fest
8/2/2015 Heavy Chains kicked off The Life & Death Tour
8/1/2015 Suburban Scum removed from Back To School Jam
7/23/2015 Trapped Under Ice to play Back To School Jam 2015
2/18/2015 Closed Casket Activities signs Suburban Scum
1/7/2015 New England Metal Fest 2015 adds 27 more bands
1/6/2015 Expire, Rotting Out, Suburban Scum, Bent Life tour
6/12/2014 Municipal Waste, Madball to co-headline shows
5/27/2014 Expire, Harm's Way, Suburban Scum mini-tour
5/22/2014 Back To School Jam 2014 lineup announced
3/14/2014 Xibalba and Suburban Scum announce split LP
5/15/2013 The Mongoloids tour dates
10/11/2012 Madball, Expire, Figure Four mini-tour (Canada)

News Tidbits
5/16/2016 The new Suburban Scum album can now be streamed in its entirety.
4/19/2016 Suburban Scum's new video for "Ultimate Annihilation" has made its online debut.
3/11/2016 Suburban Scum is streaming their new "Love and Hate" promo tape.
7/21/2015 Suburban Scum has premiered the title track of their upcoming LP.
3/2/2015 Suburban Scum has unveiled the first new song from their next album.
6/11/2014 A full album stream of the new Xibalba and Suburban Scum split LP is available online.

12/31/2015 25 most read Lambgoat stories of 2015
3/2/2015 Suburban Scum "Death Is Destiny" song premiere

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