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7/1/2024 Strife announce Miami, FL show,
9/15/2021 Snapcase, Earth Crisis, Strife shows postponed
6/28/2021 Snapcase, Earth Crisis, Strife announce October shows
6/25/2021 Earth Crisis, Snapcase, Strife set for East Coast shows
11/26/2019 Earth Crisis, Snapcase, Strife set for 2020 'California Takeover'
11/22/2019 Earth Crisis, Snapcase, Strife to revisit 'California Takeover'
10/4/2018 Strife announces East Coast 'In This Defiance' shows
5/16/2018 New Age Fest announced
2/20/2018 Berthold City (Strife, Internal Affairs) to release debut EP
1/11/2018 Hardcore For Hardcore 2018 announced
12/18/2017 The Rumble 2018 announced
11/1/2017 Strife to issue live DVD and album
10/7/2017 For The Children 2017 announced
9/13/2016 Fallcore 2016 lineup announced
9/6/2016 FYA Fest 2016 lineup announced
8/20/2016 Lionheart announces final show
3/28/2016 This Is Hardcore 2016 lineup announced
12/16/2015 Hardcore supergroup (Terror, Judge, etc.) debut new song
10/27/2015 Madball, Strife tour dates
10/23/2015 Madball, Strife to tour the West Coast
12/17/2014 Madball, Strife, Backtrack tour dates (Europe)
10/2/2014 Unbroken, Strife tour dates (Japan)
7/23/2014 Strife cancels European tour
6/9/2014 Strife recruits Jarrod Alexander for tour dates
2/18/2014 Musink Fest to include Gorilla Biscuits, Judge
1/28/2014 Swiss man dies after stage dive at Terror show
2/11/2013 Strife tour (Europe)
1/10/2013 Cro-Mags mini-tour
7/18/2012 Strife to release new album this fall w/ 6131 Recs
2/2/2012 Strife set to record new album
9/29/2010 Death Before Dishonor tour schedule
9/24/2010 Strife, Death Before Dishonor mini-tour
2/8/2008 Strife shows announced
7/10/2006 Strife to release live DVD/documentary
3/21/2002 Strife kicks off U.S. tour w/ Rise Against
3/19/2002 Locked In A Vacancy news and notes
2/26/2002 Strife gearing up for five-week tour

News Tidbits
6/15/2017 A new video from Dear Furious (ex-Strife, Throwdown, Adamantium) is now online.
2/2/2016 Hardcore collective World Be Free (Terror, Gorilla Biscuits, Strife, etc.) has launched a full stream of their debut album.
8/28/2015 Strife has debuted a second song from their forthcoming EP.
8/16/2015 The title track of the new Strife EP has made its online debut.
11/5/2012 Strife has debuted their new music video for "Torn Apart."
9/27/2012 A new Strife song can now be heard online.
9/15/2012 The first video in a three-documentary series detailing the making of the new Strife album is now online.

12/19/2022 90s Hardcore Reunion Albums That Delivered

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