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11/25/2023 Born A New release new single "Seoul City" feat Alex Taylor of Malevolence
2/25/2020 Stay Sick Recordings signs Dropout Kings
10/26/2019 Miscreant sign with Stay Sick Recordings, debut new song
10/21/2019 Downswing sign with Stay Sick Recordings, debut new song
8/13/2019 Bury Your Dead to release new EP in October
8/9/2019 Spite premiere song, to release new album in October
6/29/2019 It Prevails sign with Stay Sick Recordings, prepare new record
4/12/2019 Stay Sick Recordings signs Alukah
12/10/2018 Stay Sick Recordings acquires Eulogy Recordings
10/10/2018 Sentinels sign with Stay Sick Recordings
7/27/2018 Attila frontman launches new project Bone Crew
9/25/2017 Kissing Candice set to release new EP
6/10/2017 Spite announce new album, premiere song
2/13/2017 Enterprise Earth announce new album, premiere song
12/12/2016 AfterLife signs with Stay Sick Recordings
9/25/2016 Stay Sick Recordings signs Villain Of The Story
8/27/2016 BackWordz unveil new song, partnership with Stay Sick Recs
6/23/2016 Stay Sick Recordings signs Concepts
3/7/2016 Stay Sick Recordings signs Spite
7/17/2015 The Plot In You announce new album, label
6/10/2015 Enterprise Earth unveils new record label, song
5/3/2015 Attila singer signs It Lives It Breathes to label
12/23/2014 Attila frontman launches record label

News Tidbits
10/27/2015 The Plot In You's new album has debuted at No. 102 on the Billboard 200.

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