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2/21/2024 Slayer guitarist's wife clarifies return, "This isn't a tour, its just some dates"
2/21/2024 Slayer share video announcing return with performances at Riot Fest 2024 and Louder Than Life 2024
2/21/2024 Slayer returns to headline Louder Than Life 2024 along with Slipknot, Gojira, Mastodon and more
2/5/2024 Kerry King releases first single and shares details for new project and album
11/15/2023 Metal Blade to release two different versions of Slayer's 'Show No Mercy' for 40 year anniversary
11/11/2023 Slayer's Kerry King releases logo for new project
8/11/2023 Ozzfest '99 long-lost documentary 'We Sold Our Souls For Rock N' Roll' premiering in Los Angeles
9/28/2022 Nuclear Blast Records curates in-game radio station for Saint's Row (2022)
3/1/2022 Testament reveal Dave Lombardo (Slayer, Fantomas, Misfits) as new drummer
8/27/2020 Kerry King, Paul Bostaph (Slayer) to launch new project
3/31/2020 Gary Holt (Exodus, Slayer) confirms COVID-19 diagnosis
3/21/2020 Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph teases new project
1/23/2020 Slayer warn fans about fake tickets for purported show
12/1/2019 Slayer play final concert, Tom Araya bids emotional farewell
11/24/2019 Dave Lombardo will not attend final Slayer show
11/5/2019 Dave Lombardo makes film score debut
10/2/2019 Slayer movie coming to theaters for one night
9/25/2019 Slayer premiere live video from upcoming 'Killogy' release
9/13/2019 Slayer to release 'Killogy' film and live album
8/16/2019 Slayer sponsorship pulled from NASCAR race
7/16/2019 Slayer add second hometown show after first sells out
7/9/2019 Slayer announce final tour with Primus, Ministry
7/1/2019 Slayer share teaser video for 'the end' coming this fall
6/12/2019 Jason Momoa attends Slayer show, meets 'idols' backstage
5/29/2019 Riot Fest 2019 lineup announced
5/22/2019 Artist who created iconic Slayer album covers dies
4/23/2019 Exit 111 Fest announces inaugural lineup
4/3/2019 Chaos AB festival announced
3/22/2019 Slayer to embark on final US tour this fall
2/5/2019 Heavy Montreal 2019 lineup revealed
12/10/2018 Slayer announces new North American tour dates
12/2/2018 Slayer guitarist to miss remainder of tour
9/16/2018 Shirtless Slayer Fan Returns to Do Battle with Hurricane Florence
8/27/2018 Slayer's final world tour to extend into 2019
8/4/2018 ForceFest 2018 lineup announced
6/30/2018 Dave Lombardo performs 'Postmortem' with Body Count
5/22/2018 Slayer: lawsuit filed to stop counterfeit merch
5/11/2018 Slayer announces farewell tour of Europe, UK
4/3/2018 Pain In The Grass 2018 lineup takes shape
3/5/2018 Impact Music Festival 2018 announced
3/5/2018 Slayer announces second leg of North American tour
2/23/2018 Slayer looks back on career in new video series
1/23/2018 Slayer announces dates for final North America tour
1/22/2018 Slayer confirms tour with Lamb Of God, Behemoth, Anthrax
1/22/2018 Slayer breaking up, set for final tour
1/12/2018 Slayer, Lamb Of God, Anthrax, Behemoth, Testament tour
8/7/2017 Slayer films California concert for upcoming DVD
7/20/2017 Slayer to perform on The Tonight Show
7/18/2017 Body Count premieres video of Slayer covers
5/31/2017 Zoo unveils sculpture of Slayer frontman Tom Araya
4/3/2017 Lamb Of God announces headline shows with Behemoth
2/28/2017 Slayer, Lamb Of God, Behemoth tour dates
2/25/2017 Slayer, Lamb Of God, Behemoth tour rumored
1/18/2017 Rock USA 2017 lineup announced
1/17/2017 Chicago Open Air 2017 lineup announced
1/13/2017 Rock Fest 2017 announced
1/10/2017 Slayer previews upcoming comic book
12/12/2016 Mike Patton joins Dead Cross (ex-Slayer, The Locust)
11/21/2016 Slayer comic series to debut in January
8/29/2016 Misfits recruit drummer Dave Lombardo for reunion shows
6/7/2016 Aftershock Festival 2016 lineup announced
6/6/2016 Revolution Rock Festival 2016 lineup announced
6/1/2016 Louder Than Life 2016 lineup announced
5/16/2016 Slipknot, Deftones, more to play Knotfest Mexico
5/16/2016 Slayer to appear at Comic-Con 2016
5/16/2016 Dave Lombardo to drum on new Suicidal Tendencies album
5/12/2016 Ozzfest Meets Knotfest festival announced
5/12/2016 Deftones, Slayer to play Houston Open Air
5/9/2016 Slayer, Anthrax, Death Angel to tour North America
5/9/2016 Rock Allegiance 2016 lineup announced
2/20/2016 Dave Lombardo to play drums for Suicidal Tendencies on tour
1/9/2016 2016 'Dimebash' concert lineup announced
12/3/2015 Slayer, Testament, Carcass tour announced
12/1/2015 Broken Hope writing new album using Jeff Hanneman's guitars
11/26/2015 Slayer, Testament, Carcass to tour U.S.
11/20/2015 Ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo in new punk band Dead Cross
8/28/2015 Slayer shoots new video at Los Angeles prison
8/5/2015 Smithsonian Institute museum profiles Slayer
7/31/2015 Kerry King: Kevin Lyman committed business suicide
7/29/2015 Mayhem Festival co-founder pens open letter
7/27/2015 Jungle Rot frontman calls out Slayer's Kerry King
7/21/2015 Kerry King says Mayhem Fest made 'gigantic error'
7/14/2015 New book details metal in 'most troubling' decade
6/19/2015 Slayer unveil Repentless title song, track listing
6/3/2015 Slayer announces 'Repentless Metal Eagle Edition'
6/1/2015 Slayer, Anthrax, Kvelertak tour (Europe)
5/22/2015 Slayer announces new album title, release date
4/20/2015 Slayer completes new album
4/16/2015 Converse Rubber Tracks Live with Slayer, more
4/13/2015 Mayhem Festival 2015 lineup, dates announced
4/7/2015 Jeff Hanneman does NOT play on new Slayer record
3/28/2015 Slayer's new LP to include song with Jeff Hanneman
3/19/2015 Mayhem Festival 2015 full lineup leak
3/18/2015 Motorhead's Motorboat 2015 announced
3/15/2015 Slayer, King Diamond rumored for 2015 Mayhem Fest
2/25/2015 Slayer announces headline shows
2/18/2015 Slayer set to release new 7-inch
2/11/2015 Amnesia Rockfest 2015 lineup announced
1/20/2015 Rocklahoma 2015 lineup announced
1/14/2015 Bonnaroo 2015 lineup to include Slayer, BTBAM
1/6/2015 Carolina Rebellion 2015 lineup announced
1/6/2015 Killer says Slayer involved in murder
12/8/2014 Welcome To Rockville Festival 2015 lineup
9/18/2014 Slayer inspired Scion car in the works
9/16/2014 Necrowretch to release new EP in October
9/2/2014 Slayer recording with producer Terry Date
8/27/2014 Dave Lombardo: I won't ever go back to Slayer
8/26/2014 Slayer recording new album
7/31/2014 PHILM (ex-Slayer) announce new album, record label
7/11/2014 Riot Fest denied permit for Denver show
7/4/2014 Metal headbanging linked to brain injury
6/23/2014 Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, Exodus tour
6/11/2014 ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo joins Amen
5/13/2014 Riot Fest 2014 lineups revealed
4/24/2014 Slayer leave American Recs, sign w/ Nuclear Blast
3/3/2014 Heavy Montreal 2014 lineup announced
1/31/2014 Slayer honors 50th birthday of Jeff Hanneman
1/27/2014 Slayer's Jeff Hanneman snubbed by Grammy Awards
1/21/2014 Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, Exodus tour dates
1/18/2014 Slayer, Exodus, Suicidal Tendencies tour
1/16/2014 Rock On The Range lineup (Slayer, Mastodon, more)
12/13/2013 Slayer manager issues update on band, label status
11/5/2013 Slayer to reissue albums on vinyl
10/26/2013 Slayer to perform "old school" set on tour
10/7/2013 Slayer may use Jeff Hanneman songs on new album
9/3/2013 Slayer, Gojira, 4Arm tour announced
8/5/2013 Slayer to play LA/NY venues for 1st time in 25 yrs
7/10/2013 Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013 lineup announced
5/30/2013 Slayer rejoined by ex-drummer Paul Bostaph
5/15/2013 Jeff Hanneman Memorial Celebration announced
5/9/2013 Slayer: Jeff died from alcohol related cirrhosis
5/9/2013 Doctor: spider bite didn't cause Hanneman's death
5/2/2013 Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman dies
3/1/2013 Slayer's Kerry King comments on Dave Lombardo
2/21/2013 Slayer (temporarily) fires drummer Dave Lombardo
7/17/2012 Metal Masters 4 clinic announced
7/6/2012 Slayer begins recording new album
5/1/2012 Slayer guitarist's spider bite recovery continues
3/29/2012 Slayer to release EP prior to new album
1/25/2012 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival 2012 line-up
11/20/2011 Slayer writing new album
3/30/2011 Slayer taps Cannibal Corpse guitarist for shows
3/28/2011 Slayer, Rob Zombie, Exodus tour
2/27/2011 Slayer frontman hospitalized in Australia
2/16/2011 Slayer recruits Exodus guitarist for tour
2/13/2011 Slayer guitarist sidelined with infection
1/25/2011 'Big Four' U.S. show announced
12/2/2010 Lamb Of God among Grammy nominees
7/12/2010 Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax tour
4/26/2010 Slayer, Megadeth to peform 'classics' on tour
2/1/2010 Slayer, Megadeth tour rescheduled
1/7/2010 Slayer cancels upcoming shows
12/3/2009 Lamb Of God, Slayer among Grammy nominees
11/16/2009 Slayer, Megadeth, Testament tour
11/14/2009 Slayer postpones UK/European tour
11/2/2009 Slayer postpones tour dates
9/2/2009 Slayer album set for release
7/27/2009 Megadeth, Slayer tour (Australia)
4/27/2009 Slayer, Megadeth shows announced
1/27/2009 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival info
6/2/2008 Slayer, Trivium, Mastodon tour (Europe)
4/2/2008 Slayer tour dates (Europe)
12/6/2007 As I Lay Dying among Grammy nominees
10/8/2007 Testament recruits Paul Bostaph (ex-Slayer)
5/7/2007 Slayer, Marilyn Manson tour
1/4/2007 Slayer and Mastodon dates (Australia)
11/15/2006 Slayer and Unearth tour dates
11/11/2006 Slayer and Unearth tour
6/9/2006 Slayer announces record title, release date
6/6/2006 Slayer debuts new song
5/18/2006 Slayer's Unholy Alliance Tour dates changed
3/23/2006 Unholy Alliance (Slayer, etc.) dates added
3/7/2006 Slayer, Lamb Of God, Mastodon, etc. dates
3/3/2006 Slayer to tour with Lamb Of God, Mastodon
9/21/2005 Slayer tribute information
9/3/2004 Slayer, Killswitch Engage, Mastodon tour
9/24/2003 Slayer, Hatebreed, Arch Enemy tour
6/5/2002 First set of Slayer and In Flames dates
4/29/2002 In Flames to tour with Slayer & Soulfly
1/23/2002 Slayer to hold auditions for drummer
1/19/2002 Diecast added to Slayer tour
1/8/2002 Slayer nominated for two Grammys
12/23/2001 Lombardo rejoining Slayer temporarily for tour
10/16/2001 Hatebreed drops off Slayer tour
10/3/2001 Slayer and Hatebreed tour dates
9/5/2001 Slayer and Pantera set to hit Europe
8/19/2001 Slayer set to release new album
4/25/2001 Slayer album tracklisting and info
4/14/2001 Slayer currently mixing new album
3/31/2001 Pantera and Slayer tour schedule
2/6/2001 Slayer sets up live studio cam
1/25/2001 Judge delays Slayer lawsuit
1/15/2001 Slayer prepare to enter studio
10/3/2000 Slayer to enter studio
8/17/2000 Slayer update

News Tidbits
2/24/2024 Win VIP tickets to Slayer at Riot Fest
10/7/2021 one of the greatest thrash metal albums ever was released 35 years ago today
9/11/2021 this Slayer album (and its unfortunately timely title) was released 20 years ago today
5/28/2021 Slayer released this album 25 years ago today
4/5/2021 Mastodon, Faith No More, etc. members cover Public Enemy
3/26/2020 happy 35th birthday to this metal classic
12/3/2019 36 years ago today some thrash metal band released their debut LP
10/7/2019 one of the most influential thrash metal albums ever was released 33 years ago today
9/12/2019 I always forget that Slayer released this aptly named album on September 11, 2001.
6/28/2019 Metallica frontman James Hetfield jams to Slayer while driving
5/3/2019 Rick Rubin calls Slayer one of the inventors of black metal
5/2/2019 Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman died six years ago today. Jam out to the only Slayer album on which Hanneman wrote or co-wrote every (original) song.
3/26/2019 On this day in 1985, some little thrash metal band released this, their sophomore album.
12/4/2018 Video: Phil Demmel (ex-Machine Head) makes live debut as fill-in guitarist for Slayer
4/18/2018 The second episode of Slayer's retrospective video series has been released.
12/11/2017 Say what you want, but this is the best Slayer album.
7/28/2017 Video: Slayer performs on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'.
4/10/2017 Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament paid tribute to omissions like Slayer and Fugazi at Friday's Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony.
3/3/2017 Slayer has uploaded a video trailer for their upcoming tour with Lamb of God and Behemoth.
1/17/2017 Found this old thing yesterday.
10/9/2016 Slayer music. Hurricane wind. Some guy with a flag. Yeah.
9/6/2016 Slayer's new video for "Pride In Prejudice" has made its online debut.
9/2/2016 Slayer has uploaded a preview of their new music video.
3/18/2016 The first official recording from Dead Cross (ex-Slayer, Retox, etc.) is now online.
3/16/2016 Slayer's new video for "You Against You" is now online.
3/2/2016 Slayer guitarist Kerry King says that unlike Metallica and Iron Maiden, Slayer still makes "great records."
2/17/2016 Slayer has issued a teaser for their "You Against You" video.
1/27/2016 Slayer fan confounds religious protesters with 'God Hates Us All' banner.
12/16/2015 Video tour of Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman's guitar collection.
12/11/2015 Stone Sour is streaming their cover of the Slayer song "Seasons In The Abyss."
10/16/2015 Slayer has their own beer now too.
10/7/2015 Watch Mike Portnoy cover Slayer, Metallica, more on a Hello Kitty drum kit.
9/21/2015 New Slayer album 'Repentless' has cracked the U.S. Top 5 albums.
9/11/2015 Slayer has premiered their new music video for "Repentless."
9/4/2015 A new Slayer track titled "You Against You" has made its online debut.
8/31/2015 Slayer has unveiled a new track titled "Cast The First Stone."
7/19/2015 Slayer guitarist Kerry King says Mayhem Festival co-founder Kevin Lyman is a "douche."
7/8/2015 Mayhem Fest co-founder says metal bands got gray, fat, bald, and chased the girls away.
6/15/2015 Slayer guitarist Kerry King says that Jeff Hanneman is "worm food."
4/16/2015 The new Slayer single "When The Stillness Comes" can now be streamed.
3/25/2015 Here's some new show earnings and attendance data for Slayer, Mastodon, Trash Talk, and more.
2/11/2015 Did you know that Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam D. is worth $8 million dollars?! Lol.
2/8/2015 Watch Slayer's "Raining Blood" played on kiddie instruments.
1/7/2015 Here are some iconic metal album covers (Pantera, Slayer, etc.) redesigned in smooth jazz fashion.
12/3/2014 New earnings and attendance data for Slipknot, Slayer, Mastodon, Clutch, more.
11/16/2014 Slayer: fan-filmed video footage of entire Los Angeles show.
10/30/2014 Slayer tells fan in Matthew McConaughey commercial spoof not to sell car. Here's why...
10/30/2014 Video: your first look at Scion's new Slayer car.
10/28/2014 Video: Slayer fan spoofs Matthew McConaughey car commercial.
10/8/2014 This sock puppet parody video of the Slayer song "Raining Blood" isn't too bad.
10/3/2014 Remember when that guy covered the Slayer song "Raining Blood" on banjo back in May? Well, he's back, and this time he's given "Angel Of Death" the full hillbilly treatment.
9/18/2014 Ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo says that Slayer's manager will probably keep the band going with other musicians once its current members are done.
6/25/2014 Fall Out Boy members had a drum-off to Slayer during a recent show (sort of).
6/13/2014 How much does it REALLY cost to book your favorite band for a show?
5/27/2014 Battlecross is streaming their new cover of Slayer's "War Ensemble."
5/26/2014 Want to see the Slayer song "Raining Blood" covered on a banjo?
5/2/2014 I don't listen to Slayer now. But when I was young I did. They were a big part of my music world, and most of the...
4/24/2014 A new Slayer song called "Implode" can be streamed online.
3/12/2014 Dave Lombardo only made $67,000 touring with Slayer in 2011; less than $1,000 per show.
2/14/2014 Ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo rips his former bandmates.
2/7/2014 A traffic circle in Poland has been named after late Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman.
2/3/2014 Prince Harry listens to "hardcore thrash metal," including Slayer.
11/4/2013 Slayer and ESPN reporter John Clayton hung out a little over the weekend.
10/31/2013 Slayer frontman Tom Araya explains why drummer Dave Lombardo was kicked out.
9/9/2013 More dates have been added to the forthcoming Slayer and Gojira tour.
7/13/2013 Props to Mrs. Lambgoat's friend, who stayed up all night to make her 16 year-old son this Slayer birthday cake.
5/31/2013 Dave Lombardo learned that he was out of Slayer from the Internet.
5/22/2013 Slayer has asked fans to ignore any Westboro Baptist Church protests outsite the Jeff Hanneman Memorial Celebration.
5/16/2013 The Westboro Baptist Church has announced plans to protest The Jeff Hanneman Memorial Celebration.
5/3/2013 Westboro Baptist Church: God killed Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman.
2/22/2013 In case you missed it last night, Slayer has issued a statement regarding the Dave Lombardo "situation."
10/25/2012 11 Greatest Metal Songs of All Time
9/8/2012 Check out video from Metal Masters 4, where people like Phil Anselmo, Kerry King, and Scott Ian played a set including classics from Pantera and Slayer.
12/17/2011 Does hearing Tom Araya scream ease your frustrations?
5/31/2011 Slayer will "hold off" on recording until Jeff Hanneman is fully recovered<
5/21/2010 Slayer's performance last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! can be seen here and <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwEEw
5/17/2010 Slayer will be the musical guest on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" this Thursday, May 20.
11/11/2009 Slayer's new album, "World Painted Blood," has debuted at #12 on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 41,000.
10/30/2009 Slayer's new album, "World Painted Blood," can be streamed here.
10/21/2009 Slayer will perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, November 4th (technically 11/5).
9/28/2009 The title track from Slayer's new album can be heard online here.
7/27/2009 The new Slayer song, "Hate Worldwide," is now available online.
10/30/2008 A song from Slayer's next album can be heard here.
10/24/2008 Slayer is currently tracking a new album. Here's a video clip of them in the studio.
2/11/2008 Slayer won a "Best Metal Performance" Grammy this past weekend for "Final Six."
2/12/2007 Congrats to Slayer for their "Best Metal Performance" Grammy.
1/21/2007 You can check out Slayer's performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live here.
10/31/2006 Slayer's video for "Eyes Of The Insane" is now available online.
8/16/2006 Slayer's new album has debuted at #5 on the Billboard 200 with sales of roughly 63,000 units.
8/4/2006 Slayer's new album, "Christ Illusion," can be streamed in its entirety here.
6/27/2006 Three tracks from the upcoming Slayer album can be streamed h
6/14/2006 A media player for Slayer's "Unholy Alliance" tour is now online.
6/11/2006 Watch a video of Kevin Talley's audition with Slayer.
6/2/2006 A video clip of Slayer in the studio recording their new album is now online.

10/24/2012 11 Greatest Metal Songs of All Time

3/14/2012 Scott Lee (New England Metal and Hardcore Festival)

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