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Shai Hulud

12/24/2023 Poison The Well, Underoath, Stretch Arm Strong, and Shai Hulud announced for Furnace Fest 2024
9/16/2022 New Found Glory/Shai Hulud's Chad Gilbert is Cancer free, again!
1/28/2022 Chad Gilbert (New Found Glory, Ex-Shai Hulud): 'I am officially cancer free'
2/15/2020 Shai Hulud announce shows in Europe
12/12/2019 Hopesfall, Shai Hulud, more added to Furnace Fest 2020
5/2/2016 Shai Hulud tour dates
12/15/2015 All Out War, Shai Hulud, Eternal Sleep mini-tour
9/29/2015 Shai Hulud announce new EP, premiere cover track
9/10/2015 Shai Hulud, Such Gold co-headlining tour
8/23/2015 Sincerity Fest 2015 lineup finalized
7/25/2015 Texas Revolution Fest 2015 lineup announced
7/23/2015 Shai Hulud reveal new record label, premiere song
7/8/2015 Shai Hulud, Lions Lions tour dates
6/26/2015 Shai Hulud seeks touring bassist
5/26/2015 Shai Hulud to headline U.S. summer tour
3/26/2015 Hollow Earth signs with Good Fight Music
1/22/2015 My Ticket Home, Shai Hulud mini-tour
5/19/2014 Seeker drops off tour
4/8/2014 Shai Hulud, Seeker, One Year Later tour announced
2/17/2014 Breast Fest 2014 lineup takes shape
12/9/2013 Tough Love Fest 2014 lineup takes shape
11/16/2013 Shai Hulud working on new material
11/12/2013 TOTA, Shai Hulud, Sworn In, Sirens & Sailors tour
10/17/2013 This Or The Apocalypse, Shai Hulud, Sworn In tour
10/3/2013 Amityville Metal & Hardcore Festival info
8/15/2013 Shai Hulud, The Overseer, Octaves tour dates
8/6/2013 BBQ Fest 2013 lineup announced
7/21/2013 Shai Hulud cancels three shows
6/24/2013 Shai Hulud, Obey The Brave (Japan)
6/11/2013 Stand Together Fest 2013 lineup announced
5/22/2013 Shai Hulud tour dates
5/16/2013 Earth Crisis announces Firestorm anniversary shows
4/8/2013 Shai Hulud, Departures tour dates (Europe)
2/22/2013 Shai Hulud, Thy Will Be Done, Altars tour dates
1/10/2013 Shai Hulud reveals singer for record release shows
1/8/2013 Shai Hulud announces record release mini-tour
1/7/2013 Propagandhi, Shai Hulud tour dates (Europe)
11/19/2012 Shai Hulud to release new album in February
10/6/2012 Shai Hulud looking for new singer
9/13/2012 Shai Hulud's new album to feature Chad Gilbert
7/19/2012 Orange County Hardcore Scenester Showcase lineup
6/12/2012 Culture to issue collection of unreleased songs
5/25/2012 Chad Gilbert can't sing for Shai Hulud in June
4/19/2012 Shai Hulud, Reign Supreme tour (Europe)
4/9/2012 Shai Hulud set to record with Chad Gilbert
3/28/2012 Chad Gilbert to front Shai Hulud for Rev shows
2/7/2012 Panic Records signs Hollow Earth
2/7/2012 Revelation Records announces 25th anniversary show
1/17/2012 Shai Hulud, A Plea For Purging, Counterparts tour
1/16/2012 Hollow Earth (Shai Hulud) records new EP
10/18/2011 Eulogy Recs signs On Bodies (ex-Terror, etc.)
9/13/2011 Sick Of It All, Shai Hulud tour (Europe)
4/12/2011 Shai Hulud, Naysayer, Endwell dates (Canada)
3/16/2011 Shai Hulud, Endwell, Foundation tour dates
2/8/2011 Shai Hulud, Ligeia tour (Europe)
12/16/2010 Shai Hulud, Monsters, I The Breather dates
11/28/2010 Most Precious Blood singer forms new band
10/4/2010 Shai Hulud, Lionheart, Hundredth tour (Canada)
4/5/2010 Shai Hulud tour (Southeast Asia)
12/16/2009 Living Sacrifice, War Of Ages, Shai Hulud tour
5/29/2009 Shai Hulud, Reign Supreme, Carrier tour
3/26/2009 New Found Glory, Shai Hulud split 7"
11/19/2008 Parkway Drive, Shai Hulud tour (Japan)
9/26/2008 Shai Hulud, Born Of Osiris, etc. tour
7/25/2008 Shai Hulud tour cancelled
4/29/2008 Full Blown Chaos, Shai Hulud, Elysia tour
3/29/2008 Comeback Kid, Shai Hulud, etc. tour (Europe)
3/14/2008 Shai Hulud set to release new album
8/7/2007 Shai Hulud, Dead Hearts, etc. tour (Europe)
7/2/2007 Misery Signals, Shai Hulud, etc. tour (Canada)
5/3/2007 The Black Atlantic, Luke Pickett tour (Europe)
3/28/2007 Shai Hulud news and notes
10/25/2006 Shai Hulud, 100 Demons, Since The Flood tour
8/9/2006 Shai Hulud signs w/ Metal Blade Records
7/12/2006 Shai Hulud, Dead To Fall, 12 Tribes, etc. tour
5/30/2006 Shai Hulud, Remembering Never, etc. tour (Europe)
5/20/2006 The Black Atlantic formed by ex-Shai Hulud singer
4/25/2006 Shai Hulud news and notes
4/1/2006 Revelation set to release Shai Hulud reissues
3/20/2006 Think Fast! Records signs two bands
12/22/2005 The Architect recruit ex-Shai Hulud singer
9/23/2005 Rhythmnden Fest 10 Years Of Mosh (NY) info
9/10/2005 The Warmth Of Red Blood (Shai Hulud) update
7/11/2005 Shai Hulud tour (Australia/New Zealand)
6/13/2005 Shai Hulud announce Australian tour
12/5/2004 Shai Hulud news and notes
8/4/2004 Shai Hulud changes name, seeking vocalist
12/13/2003 Shai Hulud shows w/ Chad Gilbert
9/25/2003 Shai Hulud update
9/17/2003 Shai Hulud losing vocalist, etc.
2/18/2003 Shadows Fall, Shai Hulud, and Unearth tour
12/3/2002 Shai Hulud and Andrew W.K. dates
10/29/2002 Shai Hulud album nearly complete
9/26/2002 Shai Hulud, Hopesfall, Atreyu tour dates
6/30/2002 Shai Hulud news and notes
6/15/2002 Shai Hulud's new tour schedule
4/13/2002 From Autumn To Ashes to tour w/ Shai Hulud
2/15/2002 The complete Shai Hulud touring schedule
1/25/2002 Thursday, Shai Hulud, & Sick Of It All dates
1/18/2002 Shai Hulud's upcoming show schedule
11/13/2001 Shai Hulud upcoming tour schedule
6/29/2001 Shai Hulud summer tour schedule
6/3/2001 Shai Hulud closer to finishing album
4/16/2001 Shai Hulud preproduction update
3/4/2001 Shai Hulud update and notes
1/21/2001 Shai Hulud cancels some shows
12/23/2000 Shai Hulud news and tour dates
11/16/2000 Shai Hulud new album update
9/15/2000 Shai Hulud update

News Tidbits
2/18/2022 25 years ago today an influential hardcore/metal band released this, their debut record
1/13/2021 our new podcast episode with Matt Fox of Shai Hulud is now online
4/7/2019 This band (including this album) should have been bigger than they were/are.
11/2/2016 Zombie Apocalypse (Shai Hulud) has uploaded a teaser featuring some new music.
1/12/2016 Shai Hulud has debuted a new song featuring Andrew Neufeld of Comeback Kid.
9/30/2014 Steve Kleisath (ex-Shai Hulud, Further Seems Forever, Strongarm) has set a new video game world record.
4/21/2014 We love when bands like Shai Hulud get mentioned in unexpected places...
2/25/2013 Shai Hulud has posted a lyric video for their new song "A Human Failing."
12/10/2012 Shai Hulud has premiered a track from their forthcoming album.
7/6/2012 Youth of Today, Underdog, Shai Hulud, and Mouthpiece are among the latest bands added to the upcoming Revelation Records shows in New York City.
4/29/2009 Shai Hulud is no longer part of the current New Found Glory tour.
2/11/2009 Shai Hulud has replaced Verse on the upcoming New Found Glory tour.
5/30/2008 Shai Hulud's video for "Misanthropy Pure" can be seen here.
4/9/2008 Our friends in Shai Hulud have posted a track from their forthcoming album.
5/16/2006 Shai Hulud and Remembering Never will tour Europe together in August/September.
4/24/2006 Shai Hulud have posted a new demo track.

3/6/2012 Kickstarter: fund it or f*ck it?

10/9/2008 Shai Hulud interview

1/13/2021 Matt Fox of Shai Hulud & Zombie Apocalypse

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