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Rotting Out

2/1/2024 Rotting Out's 'This Is Just A Life' EP now available on streaming services
11/20/2023 Rotting Out perform in a backyard with no vocalist, hardcore karaoke ensues
8/30/2022 Chamber, Drug Church, & Rotting Out appear on Pure Noise cover album
3/21/2022 Stick To Your Guns replace Rotting Out on Rise Against and Pennywise tour
3/14/2022 Rotting Out premiere new song 'Who Am I?'
12/10/2021 Rotting Out to tour with Rise Against, Pennywise
10/8/2020 Fever 333 announce new EP 'Wrong Generation'
3/15/2020 The Acacia Strain, Rotting Out, Chamber tour canceled
2/18/2020 Rotting Out to release new album in April
12/21/2019 Rotting Out announce headlining shows
12/16/2019 The Acacia Strain, Rotting Out announce North American tour
12/12/2019 The Acacia Strain, Rotting Out, Creeping Death tour
10/28/2019 Rotting Out set to record first new album since 2013
9/18/2019 Rotting Out, Broken Teeth tour dates (Europe)
8/27/2019 Knocked Loose add Stick To Your Guns to fall tour
8/5/2019 Rotting Out announce fall shows
6/25/2019 Knocked Loose, Rotting Out announce fall tour
1/10/2019 Rotting Out premieres new song
4/26/2018 Rotting Out, ex-The Greenery members launch new band
4/23/2018 This Is Hardcore 2018 final lineup announced
2/23/2018 Rotting Out to play Sound And Fury Fest 2018
11/17/2017 Rotting Out frontman Walter Delgado released from prison
2/17/2017 Rotting Out frontman to be released from jail in November
9/30/2016 Rotting Out singer reportedly faces deportation upon release
8/24/2016 Rotting Out frontman sentenced to 18 months in prison
5/26/2016 Rotting Out accused of ripping off fans
3/31/2016 Rotting Out frontman free on bond, hearing pending
3/24/2016 Rotting Out singer arrested for trafficking drugs
10/10/2015 For The Children Fest 2015 lineup announced
3/26/2015 Rotting Out breaks up
1/29/2015 Rotting Out announces new EP
1/19/2015 United Blood Fest 2015 lineup announced
1/16/2015 Rain Fest 2015 lineup takes shape
1/7/2015 Warped Tour 2015 adds Rotting Out, more
1/7/2015 New England Metal Fest 2015 adds 27 more bands
1/6/2015 Expire, Rotting Out, Suburban Scum, Bent Life tour
12/15/2014 Southeast Beast 2015 lineup takes shape
12/1/2014 South By So What?! 2015 adds 26 more bands
11/13/2014 Stick To Your Guns detail new album, Disobedient
10/1/2014 America's Hardcore Fest 2014 lineup announced
8/29/2014 FYA Fest 2014 lineup takes shape
8/19/2014 Rotting Out, Nomads mini-tour
7/29/2014 Comeback Kid, Rotting Out tour (Australia)
3/22/2014 Rotting Out, No Bragging Rights robbed in Oakland
1/9/2014 Rotting Out tour dates (Europe)
1/7/2014 Rotting Out, No Bragging Rights, etc. tour dates
1/3/2014 Rotting Out, No Bragging Rights to tour U.S.
8/25/2013 I Scream Recs to release Rotting Out LP in Europe
8/13/2013 The Story So Far, Stick To Your Guns, etc. tour
8/3/2013 Rotting Out tour dates (Mexico)
7/7/2013 Rotting Out, Broken Teeth, Survival tour (Europe)
6/24/2013 Rotting Out, Take Offense, Minus tour
6/5/2013 Destroy L.A. Hardcore Fest lineup announced
5/30/2013 Rotting Out announces Brazilian tour
4/25/2013 Rotting Out shooting new video
4/18/2013 Rotting Out announces revised tour dates
2/25/2013 Your Demise, Expire tour
2/8/2013 Rotting Out, Cold World tour (Australia)
1/24/2013 Stick To Your Guns, Rotting Out tour off-dates
1/7/2013 The Ghost Inside, Stick To Your Guns, SFTP tour
11/21/2012 Expire, Rotting Out tour (Europe)
4/5/2012 Terror, Bane, Naysayer, Rotting Out tour
3/24/2012 Comeback Kid, Rotting Out, Lions Lions tour dates
1/30/2012 Rotting Out, FocusedxMinds tour
12/17/2011 Bane, Cruel Hand, Rotting Out tour (Europe)
8/19/2011 Bane, Defeater, Miles Away tour
7/11/2011 Foundation, Harm's Way tour
8/31/2010 Rotting Out, Soul Search tour
3/2/2010 Rotting Out, Backtrack, Foundation tour
2/20/2010 Rotting Out, Creatures tour dates
5/12/2009 Soul Control, Rotting Out tour dates
8/11/2008 6131 Records signs two bands

News Tidbits
3/19/2020 Rotting Out premiere new song
2/28/2020 Rotting Out share new song
10/31/2019 ICYMI, we sat down with Rotting Out frontman Walter for a chat (video has timestamps too)
11/20/2015 Stick To Your Guns have released a video for "Nothing You Can Do To Me."
3/9/2015 Rotting Out is streaming their new EP in its entirety.
2/18/2015 Rotting Out has debuted another track from their forthcoming EP.
2/6/2015 A video for a new track from Rotting Out's forthcoming EP is now online.
4/9/2014 Earnings and attendence figures released for Animals As Leaders, Carcass, BTBAM, many more.
7/9/2013 Rotting Out has released a music video for "No Clue."
4/29/2013 Yet another new Rotting Out song is now online.
4/10/2013 Rotting Out has been added to the forthcoming Your Demise and Expire tour.
4/2/2013 Another new Rotting Out song is available online.
2/25/2013 Rotting Out has debuted a track from their upcoming album.
3/22/2011 A track from Rotting Out's upcoming album is now available for download.

8/30/2021 Walter Delgado of Rotting Out

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