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Rob Zombie

4/18/2024 Frozen Soul debut cover of White Zombie's "Creature of the Wheel" along with music video
1/30/2024 Rob Zombie bassist Matt "Piggy D" Montgomery exits band after 18 years
1/29/2024 Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper continue "The Freaks On Parade" tour in 2024
8/11/2023 Ozzfest '99 long-lost documentary 'We Sold Our Souls For Rock N' Roll' premiering in Los Angeles
3/6/2023 Pantera, Limp Bizkit, Ministry & more announced at Rocklahoma 2023
1/30/2023 Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper announce 'Freaks On Parade Tour 2023'
3/21/2022 Rob Zombie and Mudvayne announce tour with Static-X, Powerman 5000
2/23/2022 2022 Aftershock festival lineup announced
11/23/2021 Deftones, Gojira among 2022 Grammy Awards nominees
11/8/2021 Welcome To Rockville livestream announced, to include Slipknot, Rob Zombie, Lamb Of God
6/8/2021 Rocklahoma 2021 to feature Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, more
6/3/2021 Mastodon, Rob Zombie to headline cruise and island fest
5/19/2021 Welcome To Rockville 2021 announced
4/20/2021 Inkcarceration Music & Tattoo Festival 2021 announced
1/24/2020 2020 Rock USA festival lineup announced
8/16/2019 Rob Zombie grabs woman by hair after she pulls his shirt during show
7/31/2019 'Knotfest Meets Forcefest' lineup announced
6/11/2019 2019 Las Rageous to feature Rob Zombie, Atreyu, Whitechapel, more
4/8/2019 Louder Than Life 2019 announced
1/24/2019 Rock Fest 2019 lineup announced
12/10/2018 Epicenter Festival 2019 lineup announced
12/3/2018 Welcome To Rockville 2019 lineup announced
10/22/2018 Ozzfest New Year's Eve show announced
9/26/2018 Suicide Silence, Youth Code, Rob Zombie members launch band
7/20/2018 Nuclear Blast Records signs Rob Zombie
3/5/2018 Impact Music Festival 2018 announced
2/21/2018 Heavy Montreal 2018 lineup announced
1/24/2018 Rock USA 2018 announced
7/10/2017 Ozzfest Meets Knotfest 2017 announced
5/20/2017 Rock Allegiance 2017 announced
1/13/2017 Rock Fest 2017 announced
3/7/2016 Korn, Rob Zombie tour dates announced
2/22/2016 Korn, Rob Zombie initial tour dates revealed
2/19/2016 Korn, Rob Zombie to co-headline North American tour
1/11/2016 Rocklahoma 2016 lineup announced
12/15/2015 Northern Invasion 2016 lineup announced
12/8/2015 Welcome To Rockville 2016 lineup
12/7/2015 Carolina Rebellion 2016 lineup announced
6/15/2015 Louder Than Life 2015 lineup announced
6/1/2015 Rock Allegiance Festival 2015 lineup announced
7/1/2014 Aftershock Festival 2014 lineup finalized
3/18/2013 Mayhem Festival 2013 lineup announced
2/21/2012 Megadeth, Rob Zombie tour dates
3/15/2005 Ozzfest 2005 details announced

News Tidbits
3/17/2022 I haven't cared about this guy or his bands in a long time, but happy 30th birthday to this quality album.
5/21/2019 our Welcome to Rockville 2019 photo gallery
7/9/2015 Here's some new earnings and attendance for Warped Tour, Atreyu, In Flames, Defeater, and many others.
11/12/2014 Here's some new earnings and attendance data for Mastodon, Rob Zombie, Black Flag, Animals As Leaders, more.
10/27/2014 Video: Michael Jackson's "Thriller" covered in 20 styles (Cannibal Corpse, Type O Negative, Ozzy, more).
5/28/2014 New earnings and attendance data is out for Avenged Sevenfold, Megadeth, and Killswitch Engage, among others.
12/16/2013 Check out some fall 2013 metal/rock concert box office numbers (hint: Lamb of God doing well; The Devil Wears Prada less so).
9/23/2012 Melvins' Buzz Osbourne thinks Rob Zombie is an asshole.

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