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1/16/2024 Eat The Turnbuckle announce final show with Ringworm, Antiseen, and more
8/18/2023 Ringworm release music video to celebrate album release
7/7/2023 Ringworm unveil brutal single, "Thought Crimes"
7/6/2023 Venom Inc. share dates for 'Better To Reign In Hell Part II' tour with Satan, Ringworm, and more
6/2/2023 Ringworm sign to Nuclear Blast Records, announce 9th studio album
2/9/2023 No/Más issue music video, share Winter tour dates with Cro-Mags & Ringworm
6/20/2022 Venom Inc, Eyehategod, Ringworm, Cult Of Lilith tour
4/22/2022 This Is Hardcore 2022 lineup takes shape
9/10/2021 Northwest Terror Fest 2022 lineup announced
3/16/2020 Ringworm cancel spring tour
2/22/2020 Ringworm, High Command tour dates
2/16/2020 Ringworm, All Out War mini-tour
1/4/2020 Northwest Terror Fest 2020 announced
8/21/2019 Havok, Ringworm, Mobile Deathcamp tour dates
8/2/2019 Ringworm replace guitarist with former member
6/21/2019 Goatwhore, Ringworm tour dates
5/24/2019 Ringworm announce headlining shows
5/22/2019 Full Terror Assault Open Air 2019 announced
3/5/2019 Ringworm to release new album this spring, first single online
7/17/2018 Hatebreed, Gwar announce co-headline tour
5/14/2018 Ringworm, Black Fast, Cemetery Piss tour dates
4/12/2018 Skinless, Ringworm, Churchburn mini-tour
2/6/2018 Ringworm recording new album
12/13/2017 Harms Way, Ringworm, Vein, Queensway tour
11/17/2017 Ringworm working on new record
12/13/2016 Darkest Hour, Ringworm, Rotten Sound, Tombs tour
8/10/2016 Ringworm, Exalt tour dates
7/26/2016 Ringworm, Hierophant, Noisem to tour Europe
7/11/2016 So What?! Music Fest lineup takes shape
6/1/2016 Ringworm announce new album, premiere video
5/19/2016 Ringworm, Brain Tentacles to release split EP
1/20/2016 Unearth, Ringworm, Culture Killer tour announced
1/18/2016 Texas Independence Fest 2016 lineup takes shape
9/22/2015 Denver Black Sky Fest 2015 lineup takes shape
9/1/2015 Ringworm postpones West Coast tour dates
8/5/2015 Ringworm, ACxDC, Nomads tour dates
7/14/2015 Ringworm, White Widows Pact, Culture Killer dates
5/11/2015 Ringworm announces headlining tour dates
4/8/2015 Goatwhore, Ringworm, Black Breath, Theories tour
3/2/2015 Fort Worth Metal Fest 2015 lineup announced
11/4/2014 Napalm Death, Voivod, Exhumed, more announce tour
7/31/2014 Macabre, Ringworm, Panzerfaust announce U.S. tour
7/17/2014 Ringworm tour dates (Europe)
6/24/2014 Housecore Horror Film Fest 2014 lineup takes shape
6/23/2014 Eyehategod, Ringworm, more ripped off by promoter
4/10/2014 Eyehategod, Ringworm, Enabler tour dates announced
4/7/2014 Eyehategod, Ringworm, Enabler tour
1/14/2014 Ringworm announces new album, premiere new song
1/14/2014 Ringworm, Death Before Dishonor announce U.S. tour
8/13/2013 Ringworm announces new EP, fall tour
5/3/2013 This Is Hardcore Fest reveals more bands, schedule
4/18/2013 Ringworm recording new album
3/8/2013 2013 BBQ Festival Youth Stage lineup
2/28/2013 Ringworm signs with Relapse Records
1/4/2013 Ringworm tour dates
7/24/2012 Ringworm to release first-ever live album
4/19/2012 Ringworm, Everything Went Black tour dates
4/2/2012 Scion/A389 showcase to include Integrity, more
2/1/2012 Ringworm, Cancer Bats tour dates
10/11/2011 Ringworm NOT calling it quits
9/26/2011 Ringworm cancels U.S. tour
8/24/2011 Ringworm, The Greenery tour
7/12/2011 Ringworm debuts new song
6/29/2011 Ringworm tour dates (Australia)
6/13/2011 Ringworm album set for release
5/4/2011 Ringworm, Nails, Bitter End, New Lows tour
4/19/2011 Ringworm recording new album
4/18/2011 Ringworm tour dates
1/12/2011 Ringworm tour dates
10/27/2009 Integrity, Ringworm, etc. to play A389 Recs bash
4/15/2009 Ringworm prepares new album
10/21/2008 Ringworm, A Traitor Like Judas tour (Europe)
7/17/2008 Ringworm tour (Europe)
4/28/2008 Ringworm tour dates
3/25/2008 Ringworm mini-tour this weekend
10/10/2007 Ringworm tour dates
1/11/2007 Ringworm prepares new album
1/8/2007 Lambgoat Records signs Unholy
9/13/2006 Ringworm to record show for DVD/video
3/30/2006 Hatebreed add new guitarist
3/3/2006 Terror and Ringworm dates
2/26/2006 Most Precious Blood, Ringworm, etc. tour (Europe)
2/17/2006 Ringworm, August Burns Red, etc. tour
11/4/2005 Agents Of Man, Ringworm, etc. tour
8/23/2005 Converge, The Red Chord, Darkest Hour tour
8/10/2005 Ringworm album details
10/7/2004 Ringworm and Death Before Dishonor tour
7/11/2003 Ringworm, Punishment, Shattered Realm tour
5/23/2003 All Out War and Ringworm dates
3/24/2003 Terror, Ramallah, Ringworm mini-tour
2/2/2003 Ringworm welcomes new bassist
5/18/2002 Deathwish to release revamped Ringworm LP
5/15/2002 Ringworm to tour w/ Still Breathing
11/18/2001 Hoods and Ringworm tour dates
7/29/2001 Victory announces signing of Ringworm

News Tidbits
5/25/2021 Hatebreed guitarist Frank Novinec (ex-Ringworm, Terror) was our guest on the latest Lambgoat podcast episode
4/29/2019 full stream of new Ringworm album
4/23/2019 Ringworm premiere new song
4/4/2019 Ringworm have released a new single
7/25/2016 A full stream of the new Ringworm album is available online.
7/21/2016 Another new Ringworm song is available online.
7/11/2016 A new Ringworm song and animated video is available online.
6/22/2016 Ringworm has premiered a video for a new song from their upcoming album.
6/7/2016 Ringworm and Brain Tentacles are now streaming their new split EP.
3/10/2014 A stream of the new Ringworm album is now available online.
9/15/2013 Ringworm has made their new EP available for streaming.
10/25/2012 New songs from Bane, Shipwreck AD, and Ringworm can be streamed now.
8/25/2012 Video of full sets from Earth Crisis, Terror, and Ringworm at the 2012 This Is Hardcore Fest are available online.
2/19/2008 Ringworm, Sean Penn, and Dennis Kucinich in the same room together... strange, but true</
8/24/2007 Ringworm has posted another song from their new album.
7/28/2007 A new Ringworm song is now online.
2/11/2006 Most Precious Blood, Ringworm, and Damnation A.D. will be touring Europe together from mid-June until early-July.

8/30/2023 James 'Human Furnace' Bulloch of Ringworm/Holy Ghost
5/24/2021 Frank Novinec of Hatebreed, Ringworm, & Terror

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