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2/8/2023 Poison Ruin sign to Relapse Records, announce new album
5/12/2022 Zombi announce 'Zombi & Friends, Vol. 1' covers album
5/6/2022 Temple Of Void announce new album 'Summoning the Slayer', premiere track
5/3/2022 Candy announce new album 'Heaven Is Here', premiere lead single
4/12/2022 Ceremony release the first standalone single of their career
3/15/2022 Cave In announce 'Heavy Pendulum' album, debut new song and video
3/8/2022 Devil Master to release new album 'Ecstasies of Never Ending Night' in April
2/1/2022 ex-Sepultura, Neurosis, Amenra members launch Absent In Body, premiere new song
12/8/2021 Author & Punisher to release new album 'Krüller' in February
12/1/2021 Cloakroom to release new album 'Dissolution Wave' in January
10/6/2021 Genocide Pact to release new album in December
9/14/2021 Monolord announce new album 'Your Time to Shine'
8/24/2021 Outer Heaven announce new covers EP, full stream available
8/18/2021 Relapse Records signs Hoaxed
8/9/2021 Ripped To Shreds sign with Relapse Records
8/3/2021 Full Of Hell announce new album, premiere first single
7/22/2021 Cave In sign with Relapse Records, prepare new album
6/10/2021 Wolves In The Throne Room to release new album in August
5/4/2021 Amenra debut new track, to release 'De Doorn' album in June
4/30/2021 Pig Destroyer set to release live album, stream available
4/5/2021 Red Fang announce new album, debut video for title track
3/29/2021 Zombi announce new EP
3/23/2021 Yautja announce new album, debut first single
1/26/2021 Genghis Tron debut song, to release first new LP in decade
12/7/2020 Terminal Bliss sign with Relapse Records, debut new songs
12/3/2020 Relapse Records signs Troller
10/19/2020 Boris, Merzbow announce new collaboration album
10/15/2020 Yautja sign with Relapse Records, complete new album
10/8/2020 Amenra sign with Relapse Records
10/6/2020 ILSA announce new album, debut first single
9/17/2020 Relapse Records signs Temple Of Void
9/12/2020 Nothing announce new album, premiere first single
8/2/2020 Wolves In The Throne Room sign with Relapse Records
7/16/2020 Pig Destroyer to release new EP in August
6/26/2020 Incantation announce new album, premiere track
6/21/2020 Primitive Man announce new album, debut opening song
5/22/2020 Relapse Records signs Realize
5/20/2020 Zombi announce new album, premiere lead single
5/13/2020 Inter Arma announce covers record, debut Neil Young cover
5/6/2020 Living Gate (YOB, Oathbreaker) premiere track, sign w/ Relapse
4/22/2020 -(16)- announce new album, stream new track
4/8/2020 Exhumed and Gruesome announce split EP
12/17/2019 Relapse Records signs Raspberry Bulbs
9/23/2019 Candy sign with Relapse Records, release new EP
8/7/2019 Gatecreeper announce new album, stream first single
7/10/2019 Zonal (Godflesh) sign with Relapse Records, stream two songs
7/3/2019 Relapse Records severs ties with Tau Cross
6/26/2019 Ceremony sign with Relapse Records, debut new track
6/18/2019 Devourment premiere song, to release new album in August
5/14/2019 Torche announce new album, premiere song
4/30/2019 Victims sign with Relapse Records, announce new LP
4/20/2019 Pinkish Black announce new album, premiere song
3/19/2019 Full Of Hell announce new album, premiere song
3/5/2019 Ringworm to release new album this spring, first single online
2/13/2019 Inter Arma announce new album, premiere lead single
1/8/2019 Devil Master announce new album, premiere lead single
11/16/2018 Monolord signs with Relapse Records
11/14/2018 Cherubs sign with Relapse Records, set to record new album
11/7/2018 Psywarfare (Integrity) sign with Relapse, debut new song
9/19/2018 Cripple Bastards announce new album, debut two songs
9/18/2018 Devil Master sign with Relapse Records, premiere new video
6/27/2018 Pig Destroyer announce release date for new album
6/26/2018 Primitive Man, Unearthly Trance to release split LP
6/24/2018 Trappist to release new album in August
5/23/2018 Integrity, Krieg announce split LP, share new songs
5/8/2018 Obscura announce new album, premiere video
4/19/2018 ASG announce new album, premiere song
4/3/2018 Gruesome announce new album, premiere song
3/13/2018 Skinless announce new album, debut title track
3/7/2018 YOB announce new album, tour with Bell Witch
2/22/2018 Relapse Records signs Outer Heaven
2/14/2018 Black Salvation sign with Relapse Records, debut new song
2/13/2018 Full Of Hell signs with Relapse Records
1/30/2018 Zeke set to release first new album in 14 years
1/10/2018 YOB complete new album, sign with Relapse Records
1/4/2018 ILSA announce new album, premiere song
11/29/2017 Mammoth Grinder announce new album, premiere song
10/9/2017 Miracle sign with Relapse Records, complete new album
10/5/2017 Relapse Records signs Trappist
8/16/2017 Iron Monkey announce new album, premiere song
8/9/2017 Exhumed announce new album, premiere song
8/8/2017 Primitive Man announce new album, premiere song
7/25/2017 Relapse Records signs Genocide Pact
6/20/2017 Cloakroom announce new album, premiere song
5/31/2017 Incantation announce new album, preview music
5/23/2017 Tau Cross announce new album, premiere video
5/17/2017 Integrity announce new album, premiere song
5/16/2017 Expulsion (Repulsion, Exhumed) sign with Relapse, debut song
5/3/2017 Relapse Records to release new Ex Eye album
4/19/2017 Arcadea (Mastodon, Withered) sign with Relapse Records
4/10/2017 Dying Fetus announces new album
3/14/2017 Relapse Records signs Author & Punisher
3/1/2017 John Frum (DEP, ex-The Faceless) announce LP, premiere song
2/15/2017 Dillinger Escape Plan, ex-The Faceless members launch band
2/14/2017 Gruesome announce new EP, premiere song
2/10/2017 Relapse Records signs Mammoth Grinder
2/8/2017 Ecstatic Vision announce new album, premiere song
2/7/2017 The Obsessed announce new album, premiere song
1/25/2017 Iron Monkey sign with Relapse Records, prepare new LP
1/11/2017 Obituary announce new album, preview new music
12/14/2016 Unearthly Trance announce new album, premiere song
11/16/2016 The Drip announce new album, premiere song
11/15/2016 Black Anvil announce new album, premiere song
11/7/2016 Iron Reagan announces new album
11/2/2016 Cloakroom sign with Relapse Records, premiere song
9/28/2016 Bastard Noise, Sickness announce collaborative LP
8/24/2016 Obituary premiere new song, announce special release
8/23/2016 Ulcerate album set for release, new song online
7/28/2016 Relapse Records signs King Woman
7/26/2016 Brain Tentacles announce new album, premiere song
7/13/2016 Red Fang announce new album, premiere song
7/5/2016 Integrity sign with Relapse Records, set to record new album
6/21/2016 Myrkur to release live EP
6/15/2016 Horseback announce new album, premiere song
6/15/2016 Relapse Records signs Gatecreeper
6/7/2016 Relapse Records signs Noisem
6/1/2016 Ringworm announce new album, premiere video
5/26/2016 The Obsessed sign with Relapse Records, premiere demo
4/18/2016 Relapse Records signs S U R V I V E
4/1/2016 Cough announce new album, premiere song
3/24/2016 Weekend Nachos announce final album, premiere song
3/23/2016 Gruesome set to release new EP, trailer online
3/1/2016 Wrong announce new album, premiere song
2/15/2016 Dillinger Escape Plan deluxe reissue announced
2/11/2016 Incantation re-sign with Relapse, prepare new album
2/3/2016 Tombs announce new EP, premiere song
1/29/2016 Coffins, ILSA to release split LP, new song online
1/27/2016 Graves At Sea announce new album, premiere song
1/13/2016 Gadget announce first new album in decade, debut songs
1/6/2016 Inverloch announce new album, premiere song
12/8/2015 Magrudergrind announce new album, premiere song
11/30/2015 Agoraphobic Nosebleed announces new EP
11/18/2015 Black Tusk announce new album, premiere song
11/12/2015 Bloodiest announce new album, premiere song
11/9/2015 Obscura announces new album
10/12/2015 Incantation announces deluxe vinyl reissue
10/9/2015 Anal C*nt 'Morbid Florist' deluxe reissue announced
10/6/2015 Dillinger Escape Plan announce deluxe vinyl reissues
9/22/2015 Boris With Merzbow announce collaborative LP
9/16/2015 Relapse Records signs ILSA
9/1/2015 Relapse Records signs Seven Sisters Of Sleep
8/26/2015 Hooded Menace announce new album, unveil preview
8/11/2015 Relapse Records signs Brain Tentacles
7/9/2015 Neurosis vinyl reissues announced
7/4/2015 Christian Mistress announce new album, debut song
6/17/2015 Relapse Records signs Wrong
6/16/2015 Publicist UK announce new album, debut first song
6/4/2015 Windhand to release new album in September
6/2/2015 Myrkur to release 'M' in August
5/21/2015 Locrian announces new album
5/6/2015 Ecstatic Vision announce debut LP, premiere song
4/29/2015 Goblin Rebirth to release new album in June
3/16/2015 Skinless announces first new LP in 8 years
3/15/2015 Valkyrie (Baroness) to release new album in May
3/11/2015 Pyrrhon dropped by Relapse Records; announce EP
2/18/2015 Gruesome (Exhumed, more) set to release debut LP
2/16/2015 Magrudergrind sign with Relapse, complete new LP
2/10/2015 Relapse Records signs Tau Cross
1/28/2015 Relapse Records signs Lycus
1/27/2015 Minsk announces new album
1/25/2015 Primitive Man set to release limited EP
1/23/2015 Royal Thunder to release new album in April
1/15/2015 Relapse Records signs Graves At Sea
1/6/2015 Relapse reveals initial anniversary vinyl reissues
12/17/2014 Rwake announces release of first ever demo
12/17/2014 Exhumed releasing re-recorded debut; premiere song
12/4/2014 Relapse Records signs Pinkish Black
11/20/2014 Relapse Records announces 25th anniversary plans
11/11/2014 Relapse Records signs Goblin Rebirth
11/5/2014 Lord Dying album set for release
11/4/2014 Torche album set for release
10/29/2014 Relapse Records signs Hope Drone
10/2/2014 Relapse Records launches free fall sampler
9/29/2014 Relapse Records signs Publicist UK
9/24/2014 Usnea announce new album, debut new song
9/2/2014 Relapse Records signs Ecstatic Vision
8/21/2014 Relapse to release limited Pig Destroyer EP
8/18/2014 Inter Arma set to release one-song EP
8/6/2014 Abysmal Dawn announces new album
8/6/2014 Obituary annnounces new album, Inked In Blood
7/31/2014 Valkyrie (Baroness) signs with Relapse Records
7/16/2014 Relapse signs one-woman black metal act Myrkur
6/30/2014 Iron Reagan announces new album
6/26/2014 Mastodon: debut LP Remission to see deluxe reissue
6/25/2014 Relapse Records signs Gruesome
6/12/2014 Relapse Records signs Anatomy Of Habit
6/5/2014 Obituary finish new album, sign with Relapse Recs
5/19/2014 Ultramantis Black set to release debut EP
5/14/2014 Relapse Records signs Usnea
5/8/2014 Relapse Recs set to release Mortals LP; song debut
4/2/2014 Serpentine Path set to release new album
3/28/2014 Black Anvil to release new album in May
3/27/2014 Tombs to release new album in June
3/20/2014 Death: Leprosy to see deluxe remastered reissue
3/6/2014 Relapse Records signs Iron Reagan
3/3/2014 Relapse Records signs The Drip
2/21/2014 Relapse Records signs Nux Vomica
2/5/2014 Pyrrhon album set for release; new song online
2/5/2014 Torche signs with Relapse Records
1/30/2014 Relapse Records signs Atriarch
1/14/2014 Ringworm announces new album, premiere new song
1/12/2014 Nothing set to release debut full-length
12/12/2013 Cripple Bastards album set for release
11/27/2013 Culted album set for release
11/22/2013 Indian set to release new album
11/5/2013 Relapse Records re-signs Skinless
10/24/2013 Relapse Records signs UltraMantis Black
10/2/2013 Brutal Truth, Bastard Noise announce split LP
9/27/2013 Relapse Records signs Pyrrhon
8/28/2013 Relapse Records signs Maruta
8/26/2013 Weekend Nachos announces new album
8/15/2013 Toxic Holocaust to release new album in October
8/13/2013 Ringworm announces new EP, fall tour
8/8/2013 Relapse Records signs Nothing
7/26/2013 Red Fang to release new album in October
7/23/2013 Relapse Records signs Obliteration
7/18/2013 Windhand album set for release; trailer online
7/10/2013 High On Fire's "classic" albums to vinyl reissue
6/25/2013 Relapse Records signs Columns
6/13/2013 Exhumed to release new album in August
6/12/2013 Dying Fetus re-signs with Relapse Records
6/10/2013 Relapse Records signs Primitive Man
5/30/2013 Black Tusk EP set for release
5/28/2013 Baroness announces limited live EP
5/23/2013 Revocation to release new album in August
5/16/2013 Lord Dying debut album set for release
5/12/2013 Unkind album set for release
4/25/2013 Locrian album set for release
4/4/2013 Relapse Records signs Mortals
3/7/2013 Relapse Records signs Windhand
2/28/2013 Ringworm signs with Relapse Records
2/21/2013 ASG to release new album in May
2/20/2013 Relapse Recs release tribute sampler to Pat Egan
2/13/2013 Relapse Records to release Cough/Windhand split
2/7/2013 Toxic Holocaust to release compilation, new album
1/30/2013 Howl completes new album
1/16/2013 Relapse Records signs Lord Dying
1/8/2013 Relapse Records signs True Widow
12/18/2012 Devourment set to release Relapse Records debut
11/27/2012 Blockheads to release new album in January
11/14/2012 Rotten Sound set to release new EP
11/14/2012 Relapse Records signs Wolvserpent
11/9/2012 Pig Destroyer re-signs with Relapse Records
11/7/2012 Relapse Records signs Ironhorse
10/13/2012 Death: Spirital Healing deluxe reissue announced
9/21/2012 General Surgery set to release EP, debuts new song
8/14/2012 Relapse Records signs Inter Arma
8/9/2012 Pig Destroyer album set for release
8/8/2012 Weapon completes Relapse Records debut
7/11/2012 Hooded Menace completes new album
7/5/2012 Relapse Records signs Blockheads
6/14/2012 Locrian: The Clearing/Final Epoch to see release
5/31/2012 Relapse Records puts full catalog on Bandcamp
5/10/2012 Mantas demo collection to see release
5/3/2012 Relapse Records signs Serpentine Path
4/11/2012 Baroness to release new album in July
3/26/2012 Dying Fetus album set for release
3/22/2012 Relapse Records signs Locrian
1/24/2012 Relapse Records signs Inverloch
1/21/2012 Relapse Records re-signs General Surgery
1/18/2012 Relapse Records announces Scion Label Showcase
12/12/2011 Murder Construct recording debut full-length
12/9/2011 Dying Fetus recording new album
12/8/2011 Neurosis: two albums to see deluxe vinyl release
12/5/2011 Relapse Records signs ASG
12/2/2011 Spawn of Possession completes new album
12/1/2011 Death: 'Vivus!' live collection set for release
11/15/2011 Relapse Records celebrates 21st Anniversary
11/11/2011 Relapse Records signs Liberteer
11/7/2011 Relapse Records signs Ulcerate
8/24/2011 Relapse Recs signs Primate (Mastodon, etc.)
8/10/2011 Relapse Records signs Weapon
8/6/2011 Cephalic Carnage to re-issue 'Lucid Interval'
7/16/2011 Relapse to release Chris Connelly solo album
6/24/2011 Relapse Records signs Hooded Menace
6/10/2011 Relapse Records signs Christian Mistress
5/20/2011 Relapse Records signs Spawn Of Possession
5/5/2011 Relapse to release Looking For An Answer album
4/22/2011 Relapse to re-issue General Surgery debut
4/7/2011 Relapse Recs to re-issue Dekapitator album
2/25/2011 Relapse Records signs Coffins
2/10/2011 Relapse Records to release Parasytic album
2/8/2011 Relapse to re-issue Black Tusk debut
1/24/2011 ANb, Despise You split set for release
12/10/2010 Relapse Records signs Bloodiest
11/24/2010 Dying Fetus set to re-issue early albums
11/4/2010 Relapse Records to release Dukatalon debut
11/2/2010 Viral Load, Putrid Pile split set for release
10/1/2010 Relapse Records signs Noisear
9/20/2010 Relapse Records signs Unkind
9/16/2010 Relapse Records signs Red Fang
9/15/2010 Relapse Records to release Phobia EP
9/13/2010 Relapse Records signs Rabbits
9/9/2010 Relapse to re-issue Control Denied debut
8/27/2010 Relapse Records signs Royal Thunder
8/18/2010 Relapse Records signs Murder Construct
8/15/2010 Today Is The Day "classic" set for re-issue
8/9/2010 Relapse Records signs Father Befouled
8/6/2010 Relapse Records signs Broughton's Rules
7/13/2010 Relapse Records signs Devourment
7/2/2010 Relapse Records signs Titan
6/30/2010 Relapse to release Complete Failure album
6/17/2010 Relapse Records signs Circle of Animals
6/10/2010 Relapse Records signs Indian
6/4/2010 Relapse Records signs Cough
6/3/2010 Year of the Sun Records signs deal w/ Relapse
5/11/2010 This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2 announced
5/10/2010 Relapse to reissue Chuck Schuldiner material
4/23/2010 Relapse Records signs Mose Giganticus
4/14/2010 Relapse Records signs Cripple Bastards
3/31/2010 Relapse Records signs Horseback
2/23/2010 Relapse Records signs The High Confessions
2/9/2010 Relapse to reissue -(16)- releases
2/9/2010 Brian Posehn to release new album in April
2/8/2010 Relapse Records signs Kill The Client
2/4/2010 Relapse Records to release Sayyadina collection
2/1/2010 Relapse Records announces SXSW showcase
1/14/2010 Kingdom Of Sorrow re-signs with Relapse
12/20/2009 Relapse to re-issue Convulse album
12/8/2009 Relapse Recs announces Buzzoven release
11/24/2009 Relapse Records signs Black Tusk
11/22/2009 Relapse Records to release Abraxas EP
11/18/2009 Relapse Records signs Rotten Sound
11/16/2009 Relapse to release Mammoth Grinder album
11/5/2009 Relapse to issue Looking For An Answer releases
9/16/2009 Relapse Records to release Haemorrhage album
9/15/2009 Relapse to issue Suffocation live record
9/13/2009 Relapse to release Nirvana 2002 collection
7/28/2009 Relapse Recs to release Weekend Nachos album
7/13/2009 Relapse and Diminished Fifth Records ink deal
6/5/2009 Relapse Records signs Black Anvil
5/29/2009 Relapse Records signs Howl
5/27/2009 Dillinger Escape Plan no longer on Relapse
5/6/2009 Obscura drops off Relapse tour
5/4/2009 Relapse Records signs Revocation
4/27/2009 Relapse Records signs Culted
4/18/2009 Relapse Records to release Voivod album
3/6/2009 Relapse Contamination Tour 2009 details
1/19/2009 Brian Posehn recording new album
12/8/2008 Relapse to reissue final Bodychoke release
11/21/2008 Relapse Records signs Inevitable End
11/11/2008 Mastodon vinyl box set to see release
10/21/2008 Relentless and Ruin set to release split CD
9/12/2008 Obscura signs with Relapse Records
7/23/2008 Relapse Records signs Mumakil
7/22/2008 Relapse announces partnership w/ Noisehead Recs
6/19/2008 Relapse Records signs Tombs
5/14/2008 Enemy Soil EP set for reissue
5/2/2008 This Comp Kills Fascists compilation announced
4/25/2008 Relapse Records signs 16
4/21/2008 Relapse Records signs Graves Of Valor
4/16/2008 Blood Duster to reissue first three albums
2/18/2008 Relapse Records signs Hero Destroyed
2/15/2008 Relapse Records signs Abysmal Dawn
2/14/2008 Relapse Records announces SXSW showcase
12/22/2007 Relapse Records signs Toxic Holocaust
11/13/2007 Relapse Records signs Kingdom Of Sorrow
11/5/2007 Relapse Records signs Vverevvolf Grehv
10/29/2007 Black Mark signs distro deal w/ Relapse Records
10/11/2007 Relapse Records signs Agenda of Swine
10/3/2007 The Dream Is Dead, Gates Of Slumber split 7"
7/21/2007 Relapse set to release Death Breath mini-CD
6/4/2007 Suffocation and Relapse Records part ways
4/19/2007 Relapse Records to release latest 27 album
4/6/2007 Relapse Records signs Baroness
3/23/2007 Relapse Records signs Dekapitator
2/27/2007 Relapse Records signs Man Must Die
2/23/2007 Relapse to reissue Disrupt album
2/8/2007 Relapse Records signs Genghis Tron
2/1/2007 Relapse announces 2007 SXSW showcase
1/20/2007 Relapse to reissue ANb/Converge split
1/19/2007 Relapse to reissue Massappeal debut
12/18/2006 Coliseum signs w/ Relapse Records
10/24/2006 Relapse Records signs Car Bomb
10/19/2006 Relapse / Translation Loss CMJ showcase lineup
10/2/2006 Relapse to release Coliseum, Young Widows split
9/20/2006 Relapse Records to reissue Warpig debut
8/25/2006 Relapse Records signs Citizen
8/24/2006 Relapse set to re-issue Incantation debut
8/3/2006 Relapse to release Death Breath debut
7/20/2006 Relapse Records signs Coldworker
7/17/2006 Relapse announces Contamination Tour 2006
7/10/2006 Relapse Records signs Minsk
5/22/2006 Relapse to release Dolemite soundtrack
5/18/2006 Antigama signs w/ Relapse Records
4/25/2006 Relapse Records signs Jucifer
4/15/2006 Relapse signs The County Medical Examiners
4/14/2006 Fuck The Facts sign w/ Relapse Records
4/7/2006 Relapse Records to release Brian Posehn CD
4/6/2006 Relapse Records signs Birds Of Prey
3/1/2006 Relapse Records to sponsor roller derby team
2/18/2006 Relapse Records announces 2006 SXSW showcase
1/30/2006 Relapse Records signs Rwake
1/27/2006 Relapse Records signs Misery Index
10/26/2005 Unearthly Trance sign w/ Relapse Records
10/18/2005 Relapse Records signs Facedowninshit
8/11/2005 Relapse Records signs Rumpelstiltskin Grinder
6/20/2005 Relapse to reissue Atheist catalog
3/25/2005 Relapse Records signs Cretin
3/19/2005 Relapse Records signs Leng Tch'e
10/6/2004 BITGOTA to release split through Relapse
9/26/2004 Relapse Records CMJ showcase
8/22/2004 Relapse Records signs Buried Inside
6/12/2004 Relapse Records signs Zombi
4/23/2004 Dillinger Escape Plan recording new album
3/5/2004 Mastodon recording new album
1/29/2004 Suffocation enters studio
1/28/2004 Relapse Contamination Tour 2004
11/1/2003 Relapse Records signs The End
10/27/2003 Zeke signs with Relapse Records
7/30/2003 Premonitions Of War, The Red Chord split
7/16/2003 Relapse Records signs Burst
3/11/2003 Relapse Contamination Tour schedule
11/12/2002 Relapse Contamination Festival info
10/29/2002 Relapse Records inks Dysrhythmia
12/15/2001 Relapse Records inks Uphill Battle
12/8/2000 NY's Skinless signs to Relapse

News Tidbits
11/1/2016 Relapse Records has released a free 40-song sampler.
11/8/2015 Relapse Records has released a free, 38-song sampler.
2/17/2015 Relapse Records has released a free digital sampler featuring more than 180 tracks.
3/21/2013 Pig Destroyer's EP, Mass & Volume, is now available for streaming and download.
2/20/2013 Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Pat Egan, director of sales and retail marketing for Relapse Records.
7/26/2012 The new Baroness album Yellow & Green had the highest Billboard 200 debut of any release in Relapse Records' history.
12/15/2011 Dying Fetus has titled their forthcoming album Reign Supreme.
12/12/2011 Liberteer has premiered two new songs.

4/17/2012 Cripple Bastards "Senza Impronte" EP stream
1/30/2012 Liberteer 'Better To Die on Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees' album stream

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