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5/2/2014 Psyopus announces reunion shows
10/5/2012 Psyopus reunion in the works?
4/6/2009 The Faceless, Atheist, Psyopus tour dates
3/18/2009 Metal Blade Young Guns Tour announced
2/17/2009 Cattle Decapitation, Rose Funeral tour
1/29/2009 Psyopus, ABACABB, Catalepsy tour dates
12/21/2008 Psyopus, Woe Of Tyrants, etc. tour dates
11/18/2008 Cattle Decapitation, Psyopus tour
10/15/2008 Psyopus tour dates
9/27/2008 Psyopus announces new singer
7/26/2008 Psyopus recording new album
6/3/2008 Psyopus, Fuck The Facts, SWWAATS tour
5/28/2008 Psyopus announces new vocalist
3/30/2008 Psyopus to record new album this summer
3/27/2008 Psyopus, The Crinn, etc. tour dates
3/5/2008 Psyopus to miss Canadian tour dates
12/7/2007 Psyopus tour dates
9/16/2007 Melt Banana, Psyopus dates
9/9/2007 Psyopus announces new bassist
8/9/2007 Psyopus seeks new bassist
4/7/2007 Dying Fetus, Psyopus, Daath tour
2/26/2007 Cannibal Corpse, The Red Chord, JFAC dates
2/19/2007 Psyopus, Dysrhythmia, etc. tour
2/11/2007 Psyopus, Dysrhythmia, etc. booking tour
11/18/2006 Job For A Cowboy, Psyopus, etc. tour
10/27/2006 Heavy Hitter Inc. CMJ Showcase
10/10/2006 Heavyheavylowlow, Psyopus, etc. tour
9/1/2006 Psyopus, Hank III and Assjack tour
4/11/2006 Psyopus, Tony Danza Tapdance, etc. dates
3/13/2006 Psyopus prepare new album
9/27/2005 Psyopus seek new drummer
9/5/2005 Psyopus prepare new album
8/2/2005 The Red Chord lose guitarist
7/29/2005 Psyopus drop off tour
4/27/2005 Psyopus, Everything Falls Together, etc. tour
4/4/2005 Into The Moat, Psyopus, Animosity, etc. tour
3/4/2005 Into The Moat, Psyopus, Animosity tour
1/7/2005 Psyopus booking tour
11/29/2004 Psyopus and The Hostage Heart mini-tour
11/18/2004 Pysopus replace drummer
10/24/2004 Psyopus and Paria tour
10/24/2004 Radiation 4 booking winter tour
10/20/2004 Psyopus signs w/ Metal Blade Records
6/30/2004 Into The Moat drops off summer tour
6/14/2004 Into The Moat, Psyopus booking tour
5/8/2004 Psyopus spring tour dates
11/26/2003 Psyopus signs w/ Black Market Activities

News Tidbits
11/24/2020 Ghastly Sound and ex-Psyopus members cover Coal Chamber
2/8/2009 Another song from Psyopus' new album is online.
11/4/2008 Psyopus has debuted a song from their forthcoming album, titled "Odd Senses."
12/26/2007 Psyopus' cover of The Grateful Dead's "Touch of Grey" is currently online.
2/27/2007 Psyopus' video for "The Pig Keeper's Daughter" is available online.
2/19/2007 Psyopus' new album can currently be streamed in its entirety.
11/29/2006 A track from Psyopus' upcoming album is available.
2/19/2005 The new video for the Psyopus track, "The White Light," has been made available here.
9/10/2004 Click here to preview Psyopus' unfinished video for the song, "The White Light."

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