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3/27/2024 Pathology release first single "Cult of the Black Triangle" from upcoming album 'Unholy Descent'
11/30/2023 Pathology sign with Agonia Records for 12th album release
6/25/2023 Pathology wrap up recording on new album
3/11/2022 Pathology release video for 'Procession For Mangled Humans'
3/9/2022 Decrepit Birth to tour U.S. with Pathology, Unmerciful, more
11/19/2021 Pathology release video for 'A Pound of Flesh'
10/22/2021 Pathology debut new song 'Dirge For The Infected'
9/25/2021 Pathology debut new track 'As The Entrails Wither'
8/27/2021 Pathology sign with Nuclear Blast, premiere new single
2/14/2021 Pathology finish recording new album
1/26/2021 Pathology recording new album
1/1/2020 Pathology, Pyrexia tour dates
5/26/2019 Pathology to release new album in August
4/25/2019 Pathology, Narcotic Wasteland to tour North America
4/5/2019 Pathology tour dates
3/26/2019 Pathology sign with Pavement Music
7/30/2018 Pathology announces new vocalist
5/1/2018 Pathology, Within Destruction tour dates
4/7/2018 Deeds Of Flesh, ex-Pathology members form new band
2/6/2018 Pathology announces new members
5/11/2017 Pathology announce new album, premiere song
11/2/2016 Pathology announces first show in 4 years
11/24/2015 Pathology signs with Comatose Music
1/27/2014 Pathology launches Kickstarter for new album
10/16/2013 Pathology to launch record label
1/17/2013 Pathology signs with Sevared Records
12/19/2012 Pathology replaces two members
7/25/2012 Pathology invites fans to take part in video shoot
7/5/2012 Pathology album set for release
5/13/2012 Pathology set to record new album
5/4/2012 Slaughter Survivors Tour 2012 dates
4/26/2012 Slaughter Survivors Tour 2012 lineup?
3/12/2012 Summer Slaughter 2012 announces possible openers
3/2/2012 Pathology, Rose Funeral, World We Knew tour dates
2/25/2012 Pathology, Rose Funeral, The World We Knew tour
2/20/2012 Destruction, Warbringer, Vital Remains tour
1/7/2012 Pathology, As They Sleep, Nightshade tour
12/12/2011 Pathology announces west coast tour
8/19/2011 Pathology debuts new song
7/21/2011 Pathology's new album set for release
5/24/2011 Pathology prepares new album
3/12/2011 Grave, Blood Red Throne, Pathology, Gigan tour
3/1/2011 Obituary, Grave, Pathology tour (Europe)
2/4/2011 Pathology announces new vocalist, guitarist
1/17/2011 Pathology adds new guitar player
11/11/2010 Pathology involved in serious van crash
10/16/2010 Pathology guitarist quits band
9/29/2010 Deicide, Blackguard, Neuraxis, Pathology tour
6/19/2010 Psycroptic, Keep Of Kalessin, Pathology dates
5/14/2010 Immolation, Vader, Abigail Williams tour
4/28/2010 Pathology completes new album
4/27/2010 Nile, Ex Deo, Keep Of Kalessin, etc. tour
2/8/2010 Pathology enters studio, adds new members
12/12/2009 Victory Records signs Pathology

News Tidbits
8/3/2019 Pathology unveil new song and video
7/9/2014 Pathology has unveiled the first new song from their upcoming album.
8/20/2013 Pathology has posted another track from their new album.
9/17/2012 Pathology's new video for "Tyrannical Decay" has made its online debut.
9/13/2011 Pathology has debuted their video for "Media Consumption."
5/14/2010 Pathology has debuted a song from their forthcoming album.

7/9/2014 Pathology "Harvest" song premiere

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